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The Best of What’s New in Legacy Modernization

Learn the latest trends in legacy modernization for state and local government

Prior to the pandemic, state and local government CIOs had created orderly multi-year plans to push toward modern technologies. They prioritized system replacement based on factors like age, cost of ownership, and ability to comply with changing security and privacy regulations. They tried to secure funding for modernization projects from public officials who may have wondered why old technology needed replacement at all, as long as it was still chugging along.

A year later, the modernization of legacy technology is seen through a new lens.

National surveys conducted by the Center for Digital Government (CDG) during the second half of 2020 reflect growing attention on modernizing systems that support citizen services.

Leadership priorities across levels of government reflect this new awareness:

  • State governments’ #1 priority is expanding, simplifying and/or improving access to services available to citizens and businesses
  • City governments’ #1 priority is addressing and increasing responsiveness to crises affecting citizens and businesses
  • County governments share these priorities as well as expanding information transparency in government

Download the full report to learn how your agency or municipality can take full advantage of the growing momentum behind legacy modernization to improve citizen experience, increase efficiency, and expand economic development opportunities for citizens and businesses. Featuring insights from modernization leaders at Genesys, Atlassian, Dell Technologies and Red Hat.

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