Solving the Equation of Exceptional Customer Experiences

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Whether it’s voice, email or social media, customer expectations continue to rise. And if you’re like most organizations, you’re struggling to keep pace.

Just 43% of consumers in our global research study felt like a highly valued and appreciated customer after an interaction. A quarter of global consumers admitted to losing their temper and 12% cried after a bad customer experience.

Employee expectations are also rising, and that’s another part of the customer experience equation. In the contact center, work is evolving. And agents are handling more complex issues — the simple ones are handled by self-service technologies. This means that your customer-facing workers must not only build their proficiency on digital channels, but also continuously learn new skills.

To remain competitive, you need to give your customers – and your customer service team – the experiences they expect. This means you need to use experience orchestration to coordinate every step of the customer relationship to provide personalized, connected and meaningful interactions from beginning to end, regardless of the context, time or channel.

That requires a unified, open platform with a full suite of omnichannel solutions that combine end-to-end journey management, turnkey artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and built-in employee engagement management. Designed to automate and orchestrate personalized experiences at scale for both the customer and the employee, the Genesys Cloud™ platform leverages digital, AI, workforce engagement management and journey analytics.

This composable, API-first platform allows you to coordinate channels, journeys, knowledge, interactions and data — all underpinned by AI on a single platform. It’s what we call AI-powered experience orchestration.

Explore these articles to gain a deeper understanding of the components of AI-powered experience orchestration and how your company can use it to find areas for improvement or where customer journeys are failing. And then use those insights to make exponential improvements in both customer satisfaction and the employee experience.

Accelerating Digital Evolution in Your Contact Center

While the benefits of the cloud are expansive, realizing its full potential requires more than replicating your existing on-premises technologies, processes and thinking. This post outlines how to take your contact center to the cloud to gain the full impact of new use cases, experiences and value.

The Future of Contact Center Technology Is in the Cloud

Innovation in contact center technologies is moving faster than a Ferrari at a Grand Prix. Customer experience (CX) technology continues to push into omnichannel experiences and personalization. This post explores how today’s cloud-based CX platforms enable seamless interactions across channels and functions.

The Essential Customer Journey Measurement Guide

Your customers see each interaction as one continuous journey to reach their goals. From engaging on a social media channel like Instagram, to placing a call, to using a mobile app, every moment shapes their overall experience with your company.

To deliver the seamless and personalized experiences your customers expect, you need a better way to measure them, see where the journeys become frustrating or (worse) fail, and prioritize the right opportunities for improvement. This post examines why traditional CX measurement programs fall short and explores how customer journey measurement enables you to improve CX and achieve business outcomes.

Using Customer Journey Analytics to Improve the Customer Experience

Data is everywhere and it’s incredibly valuable to companies. But measuring CX remains a struggle for many enterprises that are inundated with overwhelming amounts of data from millions of customers — and have no ways to make it actionable.

Journey analytics can help companies overcome these hurdles. Explore how journey analytics helps you gain insights into customer feedback, manage your customer and employee journeys, see the value of this approach and understand how it compares to alternative solutions.

Elevate Your Customer Retention Strategy with Journey Analytics

Much of the marketing world remains focused on customer acquisition but improving your customer retention and loyalty will yield a far better ROI. And cost about five to 25 times less than customer acquisition.

This post takes an in-depth look at why customer retention matters. It also highlights 10 powerful ways customer journey analytics can immediately reduce churn and improve your customer retention rates.

Contact Center AI Bridges Gaps in Agent and Customer Connections

For the agent, there are no “easy” calls anymore — bots have taken care of those. If a customer is speaking to an agent, it’s because they couldn’t get their issue resolved via self-service.

Agents are facing way more complex queries with higher customer expectations and more pressure to resolve the call — all while working remotely without the benefit of turning the call over to a more experienced peer. AI can bridge the gap created by these new work practices so agents can meet escalating demands.

Optimizing Your Bot: An AI Love Story

Organizations have grown to love bots. And so do customers — when those bots elevate the customer experience. But when a bot causes frustration instead of bliss, customers will avoid using it.

One in 10 consumers say they’ll abandon an organization after a single bad interaction of any variety. Eventually, some organizations will break up with their bot. Understanding where automation is most useful and designing an effective bot are critical in fostering customer and contact center agent love in bots.

Reinventing Employee Experiences with AI in the Workplace

AI not only improves the experiences of your customers — it also improves those of your employees. Discover how companies that use AI in the workplace to support their customer-facing employees are seeing benefits ranging from increased employee satisfaction to improved financial performance.

The Great Rethink: It’s Time to Invest in Employee Retention

Successful companies have gained ground in becoming more customer-centric and fostering loyal customers. But they’ve largely failed to become employee-centric, especially when it comes to their contact center agents, supervisors and other specialists.

Progressive organizations are thinking more strategically about their CX staff. They’re striving to solve their recruitment problem by not losing good people in the first place.

Cultivate High-Performing Contact Center Agents with Modern Training

Delivering highly personalized end-to-end customer experiences efficiently and effectively requires a workforce that’s well-trained and equipped with the right tools. According to the Genesys report “Human values: The operating system for a high-performing contact center,” the greatest driver of enjoyment at work globally is learning new skills. By empowering your employees to achieve their greatest potential — and ensuring you have a workforce that’s equipped with the knowledge and skills – you can deliver a truly positive customer experience.

Add Orchestrated Journeys to Your Customer Experience Strategy

Your customers and employees are all unique — and they expect your organization to know that. Discover how you can transform their experiences, drive loyalty and achieve long-term success through AI-powered experience orchestration.

A modern cloud architecture that’s built for agility and scale enables you to understand, measure and optimize journeys so your customers feel heard and understood. And integrated workforce engagement capabilities mean you can easily give your contact center employees fulfilling experiences from day one, while helping them reach their potentials for tomorrow.

See how leading companies are using Genesys Cloud to orchestrate the end-to-end experiences their customers and employees expect. And then take a tour of the platform to see what AI-powered experience orchestration can do for your organization.

And find out how AI-powered experience orchestration can help your business improve customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.