PureConnect Solutions for the contact center

Get the integrated contact center solution developed and delivered by a single vendor

PureConnect Solutions for the contact center

Go all-in-one from day one

Fragmented solutions force contact centers to segment interactions and administration across various systems. To us, it makes more sense to unify and simplify the process.

PureConnect is based on more than 20 years of innovation that continues to this day. Instead of an infrastructure full of disjointed applications and complexity, we give contact centers the functionality they need with a consolidated software platform and integrated applications.

As the original all-in-one contact center solution, PureConnect offers a broad and deep application set, along with a single point of management and administration, that enable applications to work together as they should.

PureConnect brings efficiency and effectiveness to contact centers of all sizes. Do everything from setting up speech-enabled IVR menus to configuring routing for incoming calls, emails, chats, SMS messages, and integrated social media notifications. Additionally, built-in workforce optimization applications and cradle-to-grave reporting improve functionality.

The broad functionality of PureConnect includes tools, such as real-time speech analytics and quality monitoring, that let supervisors observe customer sentiment more closely and make better decisions.

And with a pure application server, contact centers get a complete N+1 architecture for all media operations. The results are higher scalability, virtualization support, a single-tenant cloud deployment option and configuration flexibility that reduces bandwidth use. This solution also reduces administration and operations costs.

Choose your solution: On premise or in the cloud

For contact center automation, Genesys lets you choose: a complete premise-based solution and an equally complete, single-tenant cloud solution—PureConnect Cloud—for a manageable monthly cost. You can even migrate your cloud contact center to your site without incurring downtime or losing applications. No matter what you choose, your contact center benefits—and so do your customers.

Why an all-in-one single platform matters

Technologies and vendors can come from all directions in a contact center. When they do, complexity and costly customization take over. PureConnect is built on widely adopted standards to provide a feature-rich solution that efficiently uses IT resources—all from a single vendor.

Cost savings

Centralizing application management, system configuration, administration and reporting minimizes IT staff. A reduction in required servers also reduces energy consumption.

Reduced risk and improved flexibility

PureConnect eliminates costly voice boards and multiple points of failure, alleviates rip-and-replace upgrades, and makes disaster recovery and multi-site location independence inherent. Additionally, incremental application licensing lets you meet growth needs.

Omnichannel strategies

PureConnect enables consistent service across all customer contact channels for a superior experience. Multichannel routing, end-to-end reporting, voice self-service, outbound dialing and workforce optimization monitor and manage performance across digital and voice channels within a single system.

Wide-ranging interoperability

Out-of-the-box integrations connect to any component that’s unique to your business and communications—CRM solutions, unified communications (UC) platforms, voice systems, databases, web services, messaging platforms, back-office applications, workforce management packages, third-party systems, and SIP devices and hardware.

Business process automation

Complete critical business tasks using the communications capabilities of PureConnect to capture, prioritize, route, escalate and track each step of a process. Get work done faster and more accurately.

Applications for the contact center and the enterprise

Deploy PureConnect SIP-based switching, unified messaging, interaction management and business process automation functionality across your entire company—including branch offices and remote employees.

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Premise-based or hosted…you choose your solution

For contact center automation, Genesys gives you the choice of a complete premise-based solution, or an equally complete, on-demand, hosted solution—PureConnect Cloud—at a manageable monthly cost. You can even seamlessly migrate your hosted contact center to your own site without incurring downtime or losing your applications. Your contact center benefits either way. So do your customers.




We don’t have the budget to spend much up-front on software or a robust infrastructure to meet our reliability and DR requirements


Our IT staff requires full administrative access and control


We need to be up quickly but don’t have the IT staff to do so, nor do we have the resources to properly maintain the system


Our environment requires a high degree of custom development


Management has mandated we reduce capital spending and move to an outsourced technology model unless there is good reason not to


We prefer purchasing the software and hardware we use outright


We’d like the flexibility to pay as we use the software, able to rapidly scale up or down based on seasonal demand


Corporate policy forbids hosting mission-critical applications


We need to free up IT resources for more strategic initiatives and get back to our core business


The business requires capabilities not currently offered via PureConnect Cloud


Watch performance happen across your contact center


  • Up to 10,000 ACD agents
  • 100 to 15,00 business users
  • Support growth by adding servers
  • Small or large—license for only what you need

Voice self-service

  • IVR
  • Built-in speech recognition
  • Virtual queue call back

Outbound dialing

  • Outbound and blended dialing
  • Predictive dialing

Multichannel ACD

  • Intelligent voice routing
  • Web chat
  • Email response management
  • SMS
  • Mobile software development kit
  • Social media monitoring integrations
  • Video chat integrations
  • Universal queuing


  • Historical reports
  • Real-time supervisory monitoring
  • End-to-end interaction reporting
  • Role-based portals
  • iPad supervisor monitoring

Workforce optimization

  • Multichannel recording and quality management
  • Screen recording
  • Real-time performance monitoring and alerts
  • Workforce management
  • Strategic resource planning
  • Speech analytics
  • Customer feedback
"We’re thrilled with Genesys Cloud, our results to date, and the company’s vision for product innovation, security and stability. With its immediate and continuous delivery of new functionality, we can easily adopt technology advancements like artificial intelligence (AI) without expensive and time-intensive on-premises solution upgrades."

Dwayne Calder

Managing Director

Insights & Enablement, Client Care

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