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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do

Every company makes an impact on the world. Genesys is committed to ensuring ours is a responsible, positive one. We are actively building and executing sustainability processes that improve people’s lives, minimize our impact on the planet and foster ethical practices.

We are excited to launch our first public sustainability report. This report outlines our holistic approach to more sustainable business practices through environmental, social and governance initiatives. It also showcases our ambitious goals to make a positive impact in the world. It’s one of the most visible ways we demonstrate our core value of empathy.

Our actions today will impact our world for generations. By sharing this report, we are committing to sustainability as a core component of our operational model. We have a long journey over the next 10 years to deepen and broaden our commitments. But for today, I invite you to read the 2020 Genesys Sustainability Report.

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We care about the communities we serve and operate in

We’re reducing carbon
emissions — and pledge
to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Genesys and its employees
support more than 2,600

Our customers can operate
with confidence —
our uptime is 99.999%.

Our company culture is built on sustainable practices

We put our people, our customers and the environment at the forefront of our strategies, practices and decisions. From embedding sustainability into our product value to positively impacting a million lives, we constantly strive to build better outcomes for our future.

Minimizing our impact on the planet

As a company and a workforce, we have a responsibility to do what’s right for the planet. Across our physical offices, remote workforces and product development efforts, we’re actively seeking ways to lessen our impact on the environment. This includes our commitment to cloud-based technology, and enabling our customers to move away from on-premises deployments.

In 2021 and beyond, we’re reducing our carbon emissions by having more virtual meetings and opting for eco-friendly travel whenever possible. And we’re actively optimizing our facilities while enabling employees to work from home, further reducing our environmental impact.

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Improving and engaging the communities we operate in

Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the center of our social sustainability commitments. We’re dedicated to creating a company that’s reflective of the communities we work in. That means fostering a diverse workforce across race, gender, orientation, age and life experience. Our teams actively contribute to and participate in programs that benefit local and international causes, such as sharing coding knowledge and sponsoring fresh drinking water wells in underprivileged countries.

We approach our hiring practices, employee experiences and company culture with a sense of empathy. By focusing on our people, we can better understand those we serve and deliver better experiences across the board.

Building ethical and resilient practices

We put our customers and employees first by ensuring our business is sustainable. From our technology practices to our financial objectives, everything we do is focused on longevity and reliability.

Our customers can operate with confidence they can provide support when it’s needed most. Built with uptime in mind, our technology is always ready to facilitate interactions — even during extreme weather or public health crises.

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Bridgette McAdoo, Global Sustainability Officer


“Sustainability is a team sport. It doesn’t happen to you; it happens because of you — each and every person is part of the solution. And together, we can move forward to create a more sustainable, diverse, equitable and ethical society.”

Tony Bates, CEO


“There are many important reasons to make sustainability a core tenet of how we operate as a company: to fight climate change, to improve society and to secure a better world for future generations. Most importantly, however, sustainability is crucial to the long-term success of our employees, our customers and key stakeholders.”

Connect when it matters most

Some interactions matter more than others. Be there during the most critical moments in a person’s life. From crisis communications to critical mental health engagements, Genesys provides the uptime, security and technology needed to deliver reliable support.

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