Meet our customer experience visionaries and experts

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Tony bates portrait

Tony Bates

Chairman and CEO

Barryosullivan headshot 345x387

Barry O’Sullivan

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Digital and AI


Olivier Jouve

Executive Vice President and General Manager of Genesys Cloud CX

Leadership img eva

Eva Majercsik

Chief People Officer

Brian swartz leadership 345×387

Brian Swartz

Chief Financial Officer

Joyce website leadership 345×387

Joyce Kim

Chief Marketing Officer

Eric leadershiperic website leadership 345×387

Eric Thomas

Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer

Marylou maco leadership 345×38

Marylou Maco

Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Field Operations


Peter Graf

Chief Strategy Officer

Scott cravotta website leadership image r2scott cravotta website leadership 345×387

Scott Cravotta

Executive Vice President of Customer Success and Services


Jim René

Chief Legal Officer

Bridgette mcadoo leadership 345×387

Bridgette McAdoo

Global Sustainability Officer

John hernandez leadership 345×387@2x

John Hernandez

Executive Vice President and General Manager for Genesys Multicloud Solutions

Operating Committee

Tony Bates

Committee Chairman

Kelly Bodnar Battles

Committee Member

Tom Lister

Committee Member

David Tunnell

Committee Member

Arthur P. Johnson, Jr.

Committee Member

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