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Prices listed are per named user, billed annually.


Genesys Cloud CX 1

Solve customer
problems faster

  • Inbound and outbound voice
  • IVR minutes, data storage, API requests

Genesys Cloud CX 2

More channels,
more success

  • Includes Genesys Cloud CX 1 +
  • Unlimited email and chat
  • AI-powered customer engagement
  • Extra IVR minutes, data storage, API requests

Genesys Cloud CX 3

channel surfing

  • Includes Genesys Cloud CX 1 and 2 +
  • SMS and messaging app routing
  • Workforce engagement management
  • Maximum IVR minutes, data storage, API requests

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Genesys Choice

annual $ commitment

Flexibly use Genesys MultiCloud CX and Genesys Cloud CX

  • Reduce complexity with a single contract
  • Enterprise-level discount
  • Usage & consumption portal

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One size doesn’t fit all

Agents. Bots. You have options.

  • Agent
  • Service
  • Advise
  • Help desk

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Speech-enabled IVR



Unlimited chat and email routing

Co-browse and screenshare


Messaging apps

Web messaging

Inbound Voice Routing


Callback (IVR and web)

Basic outbound campaigns

Advanced outbound campaigns

Inbound / outbound blending

Unified communications

Interaction recording

Screen recording

Quality management and compliance

Workforce management

Employee performance & engagement

Speech and text analytics

Access to AppFoundry Marketplace

Platform APIs


Real-time and historical views

Historical reporting

Performance dashboards

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Check out Genesys Cloud CX plan options
to select which best fits your business needs

Named user

Pay for logged in user
Best for predictable agent staffing at the best available price.

By-the-hour pricing

Pay for time used by logged in users
Best for contact centers with part-time agents or frequent usage spikes.

Concurrent pricing

Pay for simultaneous users
Best for brands with agents across multiple shifts and multiple peak times in a 24-hour period.

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