8 Reasons You Need Contact Center Recording

Contact center recordings are no longer an option — they’re a necessity. When agents interact on recorded phone calls, chats or other digital interactions, your organization needs a way to ensure compliance, provide transparency and reveal insights. These customer interaction recordings enable managers to better coach employees and improve customer satisfaction.

Let’s explore 8 reasons customer interaction recording solutions will help you build a better team of customer service agents and improve the end-to-end customer experience.

1. Identify Areas of Excellence and Where to Make Improvements

Use omnichannel interaction recordings to identify where your team excels and where you can improve. Review the recordings of your best employees. Identify the tactics that work well — and share them across the entire team.

You can also pinpoint practices that aren’t serving your customers and the business. When evaluating success, it’s not just the contact center that needs to perform well. Every individual player in your company plays a role. Awareness is the first step to addressing issues that affect quality management and customer experience.

2. Coach the Individual and the Team

An interactive recording system is an essential part of your quality control process. Use your contact center voice and/or digital interaction recordings to help your employees succeed. Find those areas where your team or individual employees can improve. Then provide targeted coaching and resources to develop those skills and fill any knowledge gaps.

3. Fast-Track Employee Development

Training programs help new contact center employees progress from agents-in-training to top performers in no time. Collect recordings from common customer scenarios. New team members can learn from the good and the bad, seeing what worked and where things went wrong. Using real customer interactions will prepare them in ways a manual simply can’t — so they’re ready for the real thing, faster.

4. Comply with Regulations

Every organization must adhere to its local security regulations and company security and safety policies. For some, this means recording all customer interactions.

Recording employee-customer interactions can help you avoid fines or even prosecution. A simple miscommunication between an employee and a customer could lead to a lawsuit. Having an audio file of every customer service interaction helps you handle the dispute quickly, amicably and to the benefit of your organization.

5. Safeguard Your Brand

Most employees have good intentions and work in the best interests of your company and your customers. Contact center contact recording software serves as an added security measure. Knowing interactions are being recorded helps deter inappropriate calls or ill-intent, such as identity theft. Greater visibility into your contact center means you can better serve your customers, support your employees and safeguard your brand.

6. Confirm Information Without Frustration

Use contact center recordings to alleviate customer frustrations and ensure quality. For example, suppose an employee incorrectly documents information a customer provided, such as a claim number. They can refer to the contact center voice recording or digital interaction for the correct information instead of reaching out and potentially irritating the customer. Recordings also allow the employee to see where they made a mistake — and more easily learn from it.

7. Close the Customer Feedback Loop

Whether your contact center troubleshoots issues with air conditioning units or provides sound financial advice, you’re in the business of solving problems. Your contact center recordings help determine how well your products or services address customer problems.

Too often, these insights never make it out of your contact center. Share key information or trending topics within your interactions recording with product management team or other stakeholders. This data also helps your company remain competitive in your market. Some of the best product ideas and enhancements come from users. Recorded customer feedback can reveal unique ways customers use your product. And that creates opportunities for innovation.

8. Get a Holistic View of Your Contact Center

You’re operating over many channels, from social and web chat to email and voice. Contact center recording solutions that aren’t natively integrated into your contact center platform can create challenges.

With so much riding on your contact center team’s performance, it’s important to work smarter, not harder. By using collected data, you can take control with a complete picture of your contact center. 

Genesys provides end-to-end recording on a consolidated platform, capturing every interaction and screen activity. Choose an all-in-one customer and employee solution with multichannel interaction recording.

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