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CX Strategy Kit

Preparing your contact center workforce for the AI revolution

Seven best practices for building customer loyalty with AI

Meeting multigenerational experience needs in North America

Building customer loyalty with CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce

Personalizing the player journey in eGaming and sports betting

Why you need to elevate your social listening tools

Top 4 Factors for Evaluating a CCaaS Platform

Using AI in customer service to cultivate trust, not fear

Generational Dynamics

Four megatrends that could threaten your contact center security

Orchestrating harmony: How purpose-driven leaders bridge tech and humanity

The Genesys Cloud AI progressive adoption model

Unlocking ROI: How conversational AI transforms contact centers

How generative AI Is transforming customer engagement

AI strategies for building a holistic view of customers

AI transformation can’t happen without humans

AI business case: Understanding what AI can do for you

The levels of experience orchestration

Unleashing the power of customer journey orchestration

Mastering data analytics for customer experience excellence

How businesses put experience orchestration into practice

Unlocking the secrets of personalized customer journeys 

Meet the future with AI-powered experience orchestration

Humans and AI in unison: Driving the new era of CX

Leading in the AI era means rethinking executive roles

Top 5 gotchas of moving to a cloud contact center

Personalize outbound with agent-initiated WhatsApp messages

Accelerating corporate sustainability is a continual goal

Harnessing the power of AI with a move to the cloud

CX transformation primer: 7 tips for continued success

Discover the Genesys advantage over CPaaS

How Generative AI Will Transform Your CX Program

Market Guide for Customer Journey Analytics & Orchestration

Predicts 2024 AI’s Impact on the Employee Experience

CX leaders: Now is the time to adapt and embrace AI

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Front-Office Conversational AI Software 2024 Vendor Assessment

Announcing the 2024 Genesys Customer Innovation Awards finalists

Life Extension keeps customers at the heart of CX innovation

Web messaging creates empathetic conversations at Rabobank

How to build your business case for AI

Using real-time analytics to create fluent customer interactions

The Experience Index by Genesys demo

Genesys AI for Agent Assist and Predictive Routing demo

Building a future-ready investment firm

Voice of the Customer: Build loyalty one touchpoint at a time




Combine social media and CX to listen and respond to customers

Five ways a better employee experience boosts CX

Genesys prescriptive migration

Have American consumers had their fill of internet cookies?

Connect the dots in your data with customer journey analytics

Reset the internet?

Customer service primer: Contact center CRM systems

Position your contact center as a strategic CX hub

What smart companies know about integrating AI

Key elements for a global approach to customer experience

Technical considerations of moving from on-premises to cloud

How GSG evolved its customer engagement with CCaaS

SMB gains from a cloud contact center exceed personalization

Prepare for tomorrow: Contact center technology decisions to make today

Use data to drive empathetic service in government

CX Green Room

Contact center buyer’s guide

Build insurance customer loyalty with employee engagement

Now available: CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce

Set bot confidence thresholds

CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce

Partners in prevention: The insurer-policyholder relationship is evolving

Checklist: Unify your CRM system and contact center

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide General Purpose Conversational AI Software 2023 Vendor Assessment

CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce Demo

Rewriting the Agile Manifesto for AI in customer experience

5 customer experience transformation tactics to use now

One truth in customer experience is the experience itself

Genesys AI for better self-service Demo

Customer experience horizons

Behind the AI hype: Dispelling 10 contact center misconceptions

Why AI will change the customer experience forever

Getting started with technology for the connected rep

Three ways to transform the insurance customer experience

Customer experience success creates long-term business value

AppFoundry Marketplace Demo

Setting realistic expectations with contact center AI

AI in customer experience is all about frontline employees

Back to basics: Contact center dashboards

Powernet Case Study Winter Park Utilities Department

Empathy and the public sector: Why customer experiences fail

TechStyleOS Customer Reference

Valoir Research Decision Perspectives: Genesys versus NICE

Do’s and don’ts of a cloud contact center migration

CX is still at the tip of the conversational AI iceberg

Electrolux customer reference

The insurance industry’s empathy gap

Insurance relationships: Rethink and revitalize the customer experience

Rabobank customer reference

Experience economy math: Low costs don’t build customer loyalty

Game on: level up employee engagement with gamification

Ethiopian Airlines customer reference

Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Sales and Services customer reference

Create better AI-driven conversations with a human touch

From fragmented to unified: The case for CX platforms over point solutions

eFinancial customer reference

Empower agents in real time with conversational intelligence and generative AI

Meet customers where they are with asynchronous messaging

Positioning IT teams for success in the shift to CCaaS

Redefining insurance experiences

Secrets to delivering the best eCommerce customer experience

Alight Solutions customer reference

Agent Interface Demo

Uber customer reference

FCT customer reference

Genesys Predictive Routing

How digital workforce management improves plans and forecasts

Digital Customer Engagement Demo

Accelerate customer experience outcomes with Genesys AI

Alberta Motor Association customer reference

Measuring AI quality: Bias, accuracy and benchmarking for conversational AI

The power and possibility of AI

Western Governors University (WGU) customer reference

Automatically deliver relevant information to every experience touchpoint

Create personalized experiences with Genesys Predictive Engagement

Knowledge Management Demo

Five ways retailers can increase loyalty and efficiency

Improve the patient experience with data-driven effort reduction

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles customer reference

Virgin Atlantic Customer Reference

Siemens Healthineers Customer Reference

Three ways to level up your IT operations

When you should be anti-self-service in customer service

How Missouri used AI-powered call center technology to cut constituent wait times in half

Missouri: A case study in how to get smart about CX

Retail’s empathy gap

Diagnosing the empathy gap in healthcare patient experiences

Experience Orchestration Demo

Get started: Generative AI 101

Peer Lessons Learned for Contact Center as a Service Solutions Implementation

Nonprofits gain insights into donor habits with customer journey management

Modern contact center AI: The power and possibility

Five ways leading brands use AI

Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for 2023 Contact Center as a Service

Critical capabilities for Contact Center as a Service

Speech and Text Analytics Demo

Genesys Cloud architecture and open platform

Banking and workforce engagement: Preparing for the future | Genesys

Practical guide to mastering journey management

Supercharge your CX workforce with AI

Building a successful CX transformation framework

Explore How Generative Can AI Be Used to Improve Customer Service and Support

8 reasons you need contact center recording

Explore How Generative AI Can Be Used to Improve Customer Service and Support

Explore How Generative AI Can Be Used to Improve Customer Service and Support

Four examples of exceptional patient experiences in healthcare

Explore How Generative AI Can Be Used to Improve Customer Service and Support

3 ways to exceed customer expectations in banking

Five examples of exceptional CX in banking

Improve employee experiences with AI-powered forecasting and scheduling

7 security promises your contact center vendor should keep

Healthcare’s Empathy Gap

Transform IT with modern cloud contact center technology

Genesys awarded 2023 Company of the Year

Solving the equation of exceptional customer experiences

SMS and messaging app support for contact centers

5 customer experience priorities that boost the bottom line

Practical guide to contact center routing

Best practices: Improve contact center routing results

Delivering value, performance and equality in a call center

Banking’s Empathy Gap

A practical guide to SMS and messaging apps

Evolve from legacy tech to the cloud

Contact center AI bridges gaps in agent and customer connections

Experience as a service in federal government

Work automation

Genesys Cloud Web Messaging

2 tactics to improve call center agent performance

Curb Carbon Emissions with Customer Journey Management

5 ways to create balance for hybrid work in customer service

Best practices: Increase revenue with predictive engagement

Best practices: Improve contact center routing results

The State of Customer Experience

The Forrester Wave Contact Center As A Service

Why it's time to invest in your banking customer experience

Measure what matters: Employee satisfaction

Measure what matters: Customer loyalty

Measure what matters: Contact center efficiency

ContactBabel: US Contact Center Decision-Makers’ Guide 2023

CCW special report – Contact Center Technology for 2023

Top CX trends in 2024 and beyond

Six Stories of Successful Cloud Migrations

Creating frictionless CX

How Iowa built a better chatbot

How a virtual call center is helping Alaska provide better public assistance

Five trendsetters in CX Innovation

The definitive list of 29 call center metrics and KPIs

How to Improve Messaging and Chat Experiences

Retailer playbook for improving CX with an AI-driven solution

Recession-proof your CX

Journey management planning kit

8 insightful customer journey analytics examples

Customer journey analytics and management in financial services

FT Longitude white paper: The challenge of customer-centric banking

The health insurer’s guide to customer journey analytics

Employee Engagement: Antidote to Business Volatility

Four steps to optimize customer experience measurement

Pointillist CCO On-Demand Demo

Increase your CX effectiveness with conversational AI

ContactBabel: The Inner Circle Guide to Omnichannel Workforce Optimization

Three ways health insurers can improve efficiency and CX with journey analytics

Three ways banks can improve efficiency and experience with journey analytics

Three ways telcos can improve efficiency and CX with journey analytics

The US Customer Experience Decision-Makers’ Guide 2022-23

Best practices migrating from a legacy contact center

The definitive guide to journey analytics in telecom

Upgrade your insurance service delivery

Three ways contact centers can improve efficiency and experience with journey analytics

Rethink service delivery and drive down insurance costs

Deliver on the promise of digital government

Healthcare providers: Rehabilitating five key patient experiences

Evaluating security for cloud platforms

MIT report: Customer experience and the future of work

Practical guide to mastering email in a modern contact center

How insurance companies are winning at customer experience

The definitive guide to journey analytics in financial services

Build, measure and optimize customer journeys to improve service outcomes

The definitive guide to customer journey analytics

Seven customer journeys every telco should measure and optimize

Seven journeys every payor should measure and optimize

Five steps health insurers can take to master journey orchestration

Three crucial factors for building customer loyalty in insurance

Five ways financial services can establish journey orchestration

Elevate CX with journey management in health insurance

Seven journeys every financial institution should measure and optimize

Five steps to implement journey orchestration in telecom

Elevate CX with journey management in telecom

Omdia Universe: Customer Engagement Platforms (CEP) for the Insurance Sector, 2022–23

Elevate CX with journey management in financial services

Practical guide to voice in the modern contact center

Revolutionize your contact center with a cloud migration

How AI delivers human-centered experiences

The four phases of preparing for CX evolution

7 customer journeys every business should measure and optimize

Omdia Universe Customer Engagement Platforms

IDC PeerScape Lessons Learned Implementing Conversational AI

Changing priorities in bank customer service

Five steps to get started with journey orchestration

CCW guide: How to predict customer intent

Elevate CX with journey management

CCW guide: How to optimize contact center workforces

Benchmark Report: Digital transformation in banking

Retailers Share: How to build better customer relationships

Optimize experience measurement in financial services

Optimize customer experience measurement in telecom

Optimize customer experience measurement in health insurance

The Forrester Wave: Customer Journey Orchestration

Improve CX and contact center performance in telecom

Look for a partner when choosing a vendor

Improve CX and contact center performance in health insurance

Four steps to jumpstart journey measurement

Improve CX and contact center performance in financial services

Get to know Genesys Cloud

Practical guide to web messaging

Improve CX and contact center performance with customer journeys

Journey orchestration and the path to better experiences

Four contact center optimization use cases in health insurance

Plan your cloud migration roadmap

Four contact center optimization use cases in telecom

Move from personalization to customer journey orchestration

Customer journey management: The comprehensive guide

Everything you need to know about customer journey analytics

CCW Special Report: How to Improve Digital CX

Four contact center optimization use cases in banking

Rebuild trust in government with empathetic service at scale

Building a better business case for CX transformation

Eight ways you can optimize your contact center

White paper: The business case for empathy

ContactBabel Report: US Contact Center Verticals – Insurance

ContactBabel Report: US Contact Center Verticals – Retail

ContactBabel Report: US Contact Center Verticals – Healthcare

ContactBabel Report: US Contact Center Verticals – Finance

Deliver on Brand Promise with Customer Journey Orchestration

HBR white paper: Beyond NPS — CX measurement reimagined

The ultimate guide to contact center optimization

Transform your service organization with VOC insights

The five phases to accelerate digital engagement in banking

Six phases of digital engagement for government agencies

The five phases of digital engagement for retailers

The five phases of digital engagement for insurance

The five phases of digital health engagement

Government Technology Case Study: Virtual Call Center Streamlines Public Assistance for Alaskans

FCW Summit: IT Modernization – Transforming the Customer Experience

Next-Level Digital Transformation in Banks

Building Brand Loyalty Across Channels – One Retail Consumer at a Time

US Contact Center Decision-Makers’ Guide 2022 – ContactBabel Report

Use the right technologies to unify your retail shopping experience

The Top CX Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Empathy is key to exceptional experience in government

Bridge customer experience gaps with Genesys and Qualtrics

Answering the Call of Today’s Consumers: How Retailers can Deliver Superior Customer Experience

Incisiv Analyst Research Report

ContactBabel: The Inner Circle Guide to Agent Engagement & Empowerment

Human Values Report: The operating system for a high-performing contact center

Create data-driven experiences

Business user’s practical guide to data-driven CX

Practical IT guide to creating data-driven experiences

Omdia Analyst Research Report

Optimizing Chatbots: How One State Leveraged Virtual Agents to Improve Constituent Service

Economist Impact white paper: AI Comes of Age

Frost & Sullivan North American Contact Center Buyers Guide 2021

From a Government Call Center to ‘Experience’ Center

Contact center modernization: Raising the bar on customer service

The Genesys Cloud Platform

ContactBabel: US CX Decision-Makers Guide 2021-22

Analysts and users agree: Genesys Cloud is a leading contact center platform

IDC Market Share 2020 Worldwide Contact Center Applications Software Market

Opus Research: Conversational Intelligence Intelliview

How to Build Trust into AI

Engage employees with empathy

A practical guide to modern workforce planning

Improve adherence and reduce leakage with a better patient experience

Banking and workforce engagement: Preparing for the future

Government agencies get creative with workforce engagement

A practical guide to modern workforce engagement

Utah speeds contact tracing capabilities and prepares for a surge in vaccine distribution using the cloud

Eight considerations for exceptional customer engagements

Big ideas for retail: Nine key CX trends

Five things to consider for developing voicebots and chatbots — fast and effectively

Chatbots take constituent engagement to new levels

Optimizing Chatbots in Government

Government agencies move to outcome-based self-service

The connected customer experience: CX defines brand success for consumers today

Moving Forward Together

The five phases of digital engagement

Ovum Report: Take a modern approach to customer experience: empowering frontline employees and agents

Genesys & AWS in Retail

Genesys & AWS in Public Sector

ContactBabel: The Inner Circle Guide to Customer Engagement & Personalization

FedRAMP as the on-ramp to greater cloud adoption

Insurance relationships: Rethink and revitalize

A practical guide to mastering bots

Five steps to master digital customer engagement

Connect without compromise: Master the art of digital engagement

Your people. Our technology. Amazing results.

ContactBabel Report: The Inner Circle Guide to AI, Chatbots & Machine Learning

IDC Video Unlocking the transformative power of AI for contact centers with Google Cloud and Genesys

How important is empathy in customer service?

Empathy in Customer Service: A Consumer Survey and Practical Guide

Market Trends: Contact Center Innovations Promise Better Customer Experience

IDC Infographic Unlocking the transformative power of AI for contact centers with Google Cloud and Genesys

Customer Service Best Practices

GovLoop Infographic: How to Create a Constituent Engagement Center

Practical guide to creating a contact center RFP

Genesys Research: Personalization and empathy in customer experience

Deliver empathetic experiences your customers will love with Genesys and AWS

IDC InfoBrief: Unlocking the Transformative Power of AI for Contact Centers with Google Cloud and Genesys

Seamless communication from Genesys and Zoom

Be the change management hero your business needs

A practical guide to contact center change management

Take a new perspective on employee experience

Journey mapping and the role of predictive engagement

Genesys Cloud integration with Microsoft Teams

WEM Checklist: Get the most out of your workforce

How to avoid common call center compliance missteps

Genesys and Google Cloud

Planning, managing and empowering your digital workforce

Connecting third-party systems to customer experience

Latitude Vendor Integrations

Frost & Sullivan white paper: Workforce Engagement Management

PureConnect Solutions for the Contact Center

The contact center technology migration playbook

Drive more sales through your website

Latitude by Genesys

Genesys Cloud platform brochure

AI Ethics Guidelines

How Personalized IVR Improves Customer Experience

Genesys Customer Opt-In

Genesys Outbound

Genesys Voice Platform

Turn on Great Customer Experiences in Energy & Utilities

Turn On Great Customer Experiences in Banking

Great Healthcare Insurance Customer Experiences Start with Genesys

Turn on Great Customer Experiences in Telecommunications

Turn on Great Customer Experiences in Travel & Hospitality

Genesys Enterprise IVR

Genesys PureConnect and PureConnect Cloud

Genesys Social Engagement

Genesys PureConnect Cloud

Interaction Edge

Forrester Study Reveals Benefits of Artificial Intelligence with the Human Touch

Planning and managing your omnichannel workforce

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