Strategic alliances — bring Experience as a Service to life

Genesys has a wide range of ecosystem partners; we carefully chose our strategic alliances for their technology leadership, innovative solutions and industry expertise — all aligning with our commitment to elevate the customer experience.

Build customer experiences at scale with our strategic alliance partners

We know leaders when we see them, and we partner with some of the best. Our alliance partners are global experts in their fields. And they drive remarkable enterprise customer experiences and use cutting-edge approaches for enhancing employee productivity. Collectively, we optimize customer journeys at scale by connecting customer empathy and technology choices with artificial intelligence (AI) and insight-rich, data-driven solutions. Through our product integrations and integrated customer experiences, we bring together our platform, data and applications. In this way, we make it simple for our customers to focus on their customers — not the technology.

Technology leadership and innovation

Our combined expertise, industry knowledge and years of success make it possible to bring your bold vision for customer experience to life.

Worldwide access to markets and customers

Alliance partners are global businesses with great brands and thousands of customers. Complementary to Genesys, they’re known for their innovative technologies.

SaaS solutions at scale

Alliance integrations keep it simple for customers to respond instantly. Eliminate the complexity of scaling for unexpected customer demands.

Accelerating better business outcomes

Combining the strengths of global innovators means you get more value and see results faster using the best-of-breed solutions you choose.

Genesys strategic alliances