Missouri: A case study in how to get smart about CX

Learn how Missouri used AI to cut call wait times in half  

When constituents interact with government agencies, they want the same digital services they get from the private sector.  

To meet constituents’ expectations, government agencies must adopt modern CX strategies and the technology to deliver on them. The Missouri Department of Services did exactly that. With Genesys Cloud, the agency was able to improve experiences for both constituents and employees across phone and digital channels. 

When you download the report, you will learn how Missouri used Genesys Cloud to: 

Cut call wait times in half. 
Drop the call deflection rate from 60% to 10%. 
Improve employee experience with better call center scheduling. 
Easily generate detailed reports for better time management and internal transparency. 
Offload mundane work to AI, allowing employees to focus on more complex issues. 
Get smart about cx