Genesys Voice Platform

Best-in-Class IVR Platform

Genesys Voice Platform


  • Seamlessly blend self-service and agent assisted service
  • Build and maintain next-generation self-service applications in an open, standards-based development environment
  • Provide a secure, flexible voice platform that offers the choice of TDM, IP or hybrid environment deployments, on premise or in the cloud
  • Maximize ROI by reducing costs for telephony, transport, and equipment that can be centrally deployed and administered

Integrate Voice and Web to Reduce Cost and Enhance Customer Experience

Genesys Voice Platform is an advanced software-only solution that unifies web and VoIP telephony networks to enable new and powerful voice self-service applications. By implementing Genesys Voice Platform, your business can offer consistent and high-quality customer care, provide dynamic self-service offerings, drive new revenue streams, and reduce overall customer service costs.

It provides high performance call processing and media services for the development of next-generation voice applications in customer service. Plus, Genesys Voice Platform can extend self-service beyond the traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application through integration with other communication channels to carry context forward and provide a seamless omnichannel experience. It removes the constraints of costly legacy IVR systems and offers flexible deployment options, standards based development, simplified integration, and improved time-to-market for speech-directed voice applications.

Make All Customer Interactions Personalized

Genesys Voice Platform also supports personalization of voice applications that are integrated with existing web applications to help companies deliver a more dynamic experience. Personalization can be used to effectively “up-sell” products and services to existing customers based on their purchase history.

Personalization examples include:

  • Preferred bank customers who have Certificate of Deposits (CDs) receive personalized messages regarding new high interest rate CDs when accessing their account balance
  • Callers who recently placed an order are presented with options for changing or tracking their order
  • Pay-per-view movie enthusiasts listen to the release dates of popular movies, while waiting for an agent

Blended Experiences to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Genesys Voice Platform offers customers a blended experience across inbound, outbound, self- and agent-assisted calls for convenient, quality service. Specific capabilities include: integrated self-service, outbound IVR, mobile engagement and callback. Benefits include:

  • Interoperability with any VXML application
  • Unified voice and web infrastructure allowing repurposing of web investments for voice
  • Flexible architecture whether “in front of” or “behind” the PBX
  • Complete voice processing capabilities
  • Highly scalable from hundreds to thousands of ports
  • Integrated interaction level reporting with Genesys Info Mart
  • Centralized management regardless of single or multi-site deployments
  • Integrated support for speech technologies

Genesys Voice Platform for Large Flexible Deployments

Proven ability to scale to thousands of ports in a distributed fault-tolerant architecture

Genesys Voice Platform also offers service providers with carrier grade capabilities to enable deployment of in-network applications or—in large, multi-site enterprises—the ability to deploy a large number of ports. Functionality includes the provisioning of multi-tenant applications. Multi-tenancy enables a commonly managed voice infrastructure with specific decentralized applications for each enterprise or department. Managed service providers can realize incremental revenue by providing enhanced services, such as hosted IVR, speech enabled self-service and integrated contact center solutions.

Genesys Voice Platform redefines how you interact with your customers. With it, you can intelligently segment, prioritize and route customer interactions according to business value and desired service level. The result is that you can manage customer service in a more personalized, consistent and efficient manner to simultaneously increase customer satisfaction and maximize contact center resources.

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Future-proof open, IP-based software-only platform with unlimited speech capabilities

Interoperates with off-the-shelf hardware and supports open standards such as VoiceXML 2.1, HTTP, MRCP (for speech integrations), SISR, SRGS, SSML, WSDL and SOAP (for web services), as well as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and numerous related RFCs.


Compatible with open or proprietary implementations: TDM, IP or hybrid.

Ability to deploy on premise or in the cloud

Flexibility to evolve Genesys Voice Platform with changing enterprise deployment needs.

Single point of management and reporting

Reduces resource requirements to configure and manage self- and assisted-service systems.

Carry context across channels

Create seamless customer interactions across all channels.

Comprehensive, rapid application development tools

Reduction in development costs and ability to quickly create market-ready applications.


A secure IVR platform that includes support for secure transport and data storage mechanisms to support certifications like PCI, HIPAA, etc.


Use the built-in call progress detection capabilities (human, answering machine detections, busy, etc.) to fully support selfservice outbound campaigns.

Minimal application development and redeployment

Control IVR call flows through the use of parameters, such as weekend or holidays, open and close hours, upsell offers, and special announcements.

Call recording

Integrate self-service recording with high-quality recordings of caller/agent interactions provided by Genesys Interaction Recording.

"The dynamic Genesys IVR has enabled us to launch new products without putting an extra strain on our budget. In other words: we have created capacity to tackle new ventures without making new investments, and as such we have indirectly saved a lot of money."


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