Beyond NPS: CX measurement reimagined

Forget antiquated success measures. The world of CX has evolved. Experience is now the key differentiator — and measuring it requires more than a single score.

The world of CX is evolving fast. The metrics we use to measure it need to evolve, too.  

Leading organizations are already moving beyond NPS to truly understand the customer experience at every moment that matters. They’ve got one key question in mind: Are we delivering a great experience consistently along the customer journey? 

Genesys sponsored research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to explore why NPS is no longer enough — and find out what’s next for CX metrics. 

Download the report to learn why: 

  • CX leaders are rethinking strategies for measuring the customer experience  
  • Identifying the metrics that drive both customer loyalty and financial performance is essential — and how measuring employee experience plays a crucial role 
  • Bringing in expert voices builds credibility for rethinking how we measure customer success 
  • And much more