Modernize your contact center architecture

One platform. One codebase.

Get an all-in-one, API-first architecture

Choose the platform with the industry’s most comprehensive set of native capabilities — all built on a single codebase to seamlessly work together. With a foundation built on a single open platform, Genesys Cloud is inherently more secure, reliable and agile.

Proven, guaranteed availability

The Genesys Cloud® platform is engineered to provide maximum uptime and resilience. This ensures smooth recovery without service disruptions or data loss in the event of a failure. It’s supported by a robust SLA, offering up to a 100% credit guarantee.

Unmatched scalability and elasticity

Never worry about capacity constraints. The Genesys Cloud auto-scaling microservice architecture is designed to provide instant and virtually unlimited scale to support even the most demanding workloads, busy seasons and growing businesses.

Whatever tomorrow brings, Genesys Cloud can handle it

Keep your customer experience (CX) tech stack moving toward the future with a unified, modern cloud architecture. Simple, stateless and secure components called microservices provide a powerful, reliable and scalable solution that’s always current. The platform comprises close to a thousand pre-integrated microservices and serverless functions that communicate through RESTful APIs — each providing specialized functionality grouped into major Genesys Cloud services.

See how these groups of services work together in the architectural diagram below.

Communication channels

Support all the digital and voice channels you need to build the cohesive and consistent customer experiences the business wants. Equip them to engage in seamless conversations across all channels — chat, email, text and social media.

Core regions

The entire set of Genesys Cloud services — public interfaces, base, analytics, AI-powered applications and media — are deployed in each of our core regions around the globe. Choose the core region closest to you and your operation to access these services.

Public interfaces

All channels and services flow through the public interface, whether built by you, Genesys or someone else. Connect through the same single set of secure, standardized public interfaces — REST APIs, Streaming APIs, webhooks and WebRTC.

Base services for security and control

An array of foundational services handle requests and allow you to authenticate users; manage and control access, roles and permissions; ensure continued compliance; audit suspicious behavior; model journeys; and more.

Analytics services

Apply analytics services that use loads of real-time and historical data the platform generates to identify, enrich and analyze customer information. Then use that data to inform orchestration and automation across your entire ecosystem.

AI-enabled application services

Invest in a platform with the industry’s most comprehensive set of native AI-powered experience orchestration capabilities, with intelligent automation, employee, digital and voice features added weekly.

Global Media Fabric

Keep real-time media like voice and video nearer to your agents and customer locations to minimize latency, improve customer service quality and meet data residency requirements.

AppFoundry® Marketplace

Genesys and its partners deliver pre-built apps and connectors to other systems using our single set of APIs that allow you to add value in a few clicks from an expansive marketplace.

Journey management

Let CX leaders transform data from billions of customer interactions into journey-data pipelines that power real-time analysis, modeling and orchestration to enhance journeys.

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Elegantly manage change with an API-first, microservice architecture

Genesys Cloud is designed to take full advantage of modern cloud strategies and technologies. Say “Yes” to more IT initiatives and sustain differentiation by empowering every layer of your business to adapt as requirements change or new opportunities arise. Direct your development resources to high-impact projects instead of building services that are already commercially available or wasting time performing manual maintenance updates and keeping the lights on.

Ensure ongoing business continuity and always-on operations

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) well-architected solution, Genesys Cloud services are deployed in multiple, independent AWS Regions and Availability Zones around the world. An AWS Availability Zone consists of one or more discrete data centers, allowing us to operate production environments that are more highly available, fault-tolerant and scalable than would be possible from a single data center.

Get on-demand horizontal scaling

Most Genesys Cloud services use Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and network load balancers with auto-scaling groups (ASG). Genesys Cloud distributes load and monitors groups according to service-specific policies. When a threshold is exceeded, the group adds or removes additional resources automatically, as needed. Many newer services leverage serverless technologies, instantly responding to changes in load without the need to manage servers.

Stay resilient with automated self healing

When an individual server fails, the associated ELB/ASG health check detects and detaches the unhealthy instance from the load balancer. If this error isn’t transient, additional policies trigger self-healing behavior. This means the errant node stops and a completely new server is created to take its place. Your traffic continues unabated and Genesys Cloud recovers before you notice a service gap.

Benefit from fail-safe processing and testing

Occasional failures are inevitable — but good software development practices are designed to account for them. A microservices architecture means one microservice failure won’t affect another. We actively test and validate failure and recovery paths through automated chaos testing and fire drills. On average, 500 automated chaos experiments are conducted daily to anticipate and, ultimately, prevent failures so they don’t impact you.

Deploy effortless updates and new capabilities

Get immediate access to advancements in key areas of innovation as they happen. And if a small defect is detected, we fix it and push out new versions of the affected services immediately. Our distributed architecture and continuous deployment pipeline allows the release of rolling updates without having to take down the entire system for maintenance. Load balancing and techniques such as “canary deployments” ensure that updates don’t adversely affect your system.

Build with extensive APIs and integration methods

Your developers can build almost anything, in any programming language, using the same fully secured and versioned public REST APIs that are used to build Genesys Cloud and the apps and integrations from our marketplace partners. As an API-first native-cloud solution, the Genesys Cloud platform handles billions of API requests weekly. Our 3,000-plus APIs are public by default and can be fully explored and tested in the Developer Center.

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Create great experiences for customers and employees

Explore all you can do with Genesys Cloud

Choose the world’s leading call center architecture. There’s a reason Genesys Cloud is the leading contact center solution for seamlessly integrating voice and digital channels — empowering agents, delighting customers and creating better business outcomes overall. Request a demo to see what Genesys Cloud can do for you.

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Frequently asked questions

How does Genesys Cloud enhance contact centers with its cloud-native design?

Genesys Cloud provides a unified, modern cloud contact center architecture, using a single platform and codebase to ensure seamless operations and maximum uptime. With robust SLAs and a commitment to data security and disaster recovery, it prioritizes resilience and agility, ensuring your contact center is always available and adaptable to evolving customer service needs.

How does Genesys Cloud ensure data security?

Data security is paramount in Genesys Cloud. Leveraging an API-first microservices architecture on a robust AWS framework, it ensures that customer interactions and data are secured and compliant with industry standards. With active monitoring and global deployments, it safeguards against data loss and service disruptions to maintain trusted, secure customer interactions. Please visit our Trust Center for details.

What mechanisms does Genesys Cloud have for disaster recovery?

Genesys Cloud prioritizes disaster recovery by employing a resilient, cloud-native architecture, which ensures smooth recovery without service disruptions or data loss.

Each core region is associated with an AWS Region and services are deployed across a minimum of three AWS Availability Zones running in an Active/Active/Active mode versus a traditional active-failover model. Automated testing, self-healing behaviors and fail-safe processing, backed by a robust SLA and up to a 100 percent credit guarantee, ensure that the system stays resilient and recovers promptly in the event of failures.

How can Genesys Cloud reduce operational costs?

Genesys Cloud minimizes operational costs by streamlining IT requirements and using an API-first microservices architecture that enables seamless integrations and innovations. Its cloud-native infrastructure powers deeply connected, end-to-end customer experiences, with AI-driven insights to personalize interactions, enhancing customer satisfaction while simultaneously optimizing resources and reducing overhead costs in your contact center operations.

Can Genesys Cloud provide personalized interactions?

Yes, Genesys Cloud is adept at facilitating personalized interactions by cohesively and consistently integrating various digital and voice channels. With capabilities to engage in seamless conversations across web chat, email, text and social media, Genesys ensures that your contact center agents can meet customers where they are, enhancing customer satisfaction by delivering tailored experiences across their preferred channels.