Automatically deliver relevant information to every experience touchpoint

Genesys Knowledge

Make knowledge the heart of exceptional customer experiences with an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian or Dutch knowledge base. Easily create, organize and manage rich-media content that serves digital and voice-based self-service or agent-led experiences. Deliver knowledge where it’s needed from a single source. Consumers engage with knowledge through bots (chat and voice), web-based knowledge portals, mobile applications and more. Agents engage with knowledge through Agent Assist. With a single source for all touchpoints, updates are easier to manage and new information reaches consumers and agents faster.

Add variations and phrases to knowledge articles to improve search and augment built-in AI. Phrases capture how information is used beyond what can be inferred from the content itself. Content variations personalize how information appears for each unique touchpoint.

Feedback and built-in reports provide deep insight into customer knowledge needs, gaps and accuracy. Actionable analytics use AI to group knowledge gaps by intent and prioritize based on business impact.

Solution overview

Transform content into an AI-enabled knowledge base that delivers accurate information automatically to customers and agents at the point of impact. Administrators create, manage, augment and contextualize content in Knowledge Workbench. Knowledge Portal enables knowledge for web-based self-service. Knowledge Optimizer provides built-in, AI-enabled actionable analytics on use, effectiveness, main issues and business impact to help administrators optimize knowledge strategically and adjust in real time.


  • Create centralized, rich-media knowledge bases in multiple languages
  • Improve accuracy through natural language understanding and semantic search
  • Personalize and scale knowledge to self-service and agent-led touchpoints
  • Measure knowledge effectiveness within and across touchpoints
  • Use insight to prioritize and optimize knowledge within the Genesys platform