Engaged employees create a better customer experience

Attract, nurture and retain the best agents for your call center.

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Make employee experiences personal

With workforce optimization (WFO), call centers focused on efficiency. But today’s call center employees want more.

To attract and keep agents you need to provide a personalized employee experience. That’s because an engaged workforce makes more meaningful connections with customers.

Workforce engagement management (WEM) goes beyond WFO. It focuses on the human side of your call center to improve employee engagement. It helps you build a company culture that employees love. And it simplifies operations and increases efficiency.

WEM is made of three distinct but integrated disciplines.

All-in-one, easy to use and powered by AI

Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement Management keeps costs low and innovation fast. Explore the interactive graphic below to learn how three key areas of workforce engagement provide all the tools you need for personalized employee experiences — all within a single contact center solution.


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Genesys named Top Rated for Call Center Workforce Optimization by TrustRadius

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All the tools agents need to be effective in a single platform

Keep quality assurance and compliance simple
Artificial intelligence (AI) powers WEM tools. Follow interactions across channels to streamline evaluation processes. Record everything, including employee screens. These actions make it easier for administrators and supervisors to maintain quality levels. Plus, you stay in line with corporate and governmental compliance policies.

Get more from interaction recordings

Integrated workflows give supervisors access to multichannel and screen recordings. This makes it easier to manage evaluations, coaching, and learning and assessment items.

Close the loop with a 360-degree view

A constant loop of evaluation and feedback creates a centralized view. Use this for better compliance, to track past interaction quality and to learn from your data. You can even make plans based on historical trends.

Nurture agents as individuals

Built-in flexibility lets you personalize assessments for individual employee performances. You can assess contact center performance at scale using calibration. This lets you compare multiple reviews of the same interaction to standardize evaluations.

Put employee performance center stage
Manage and improve performance with better communication between supervisors and agents. Gamify KPIs to recognize and reward employees and coach them through improvements. Learning modules give you metrics to improve employee performance. These start during onboarding and continue with the agent as they grow in their position.

Develop agent abilities

Recognize and reward positive behaviors with automated coaching. Supervisors can schedule training and feedback sessions, as needed. And they can do this all using the interaction detail screen to maintain context.

Build the right skills fast

Increase speed-to-competency for your new hires. Get existing employees up to speed with current and relevant skills. Ongoing training throughout the employee lifecycle keeps agents up-to-date on changing business priorities.

Gamify agent performance

Personalize development with AI-driven performance objectives. You’ll boost productivity by encouraging employees to take part in their job growth. Advanced native gamification technology makes it easy.

Manage resources to improve operations
Make sure the right staff is in place with AI-powered forecasts and scheduling. You’ll be ready to plan for the demands of seasonal as well as unexpected conditions. Flexible tools let agents work anywhere across all channels.

Put your best foot forward

Built-in workforce management lets you schedule employees based on historical data. Make these choices according to skills and across all channels. You get the right staff and skills, at the right time, in the right place.

Simplify forecasting

AI-powered capabilities give you clear interaction forecasting with 97% accuracy. And because it’s automated, it only takes 30 seconds to get results. AI also speeds up scheduling in multichannel contact centers so you can schedule agents 10-60 times faster than with other approaches.

Spend more time coaching employees

Stop wasting time reacting to changes. Optimize your workforce experiences with accurate forecasts and fast scheduling. Free up time for supervisors to focus on agent training and development.

"Built-in workforce and quality management set Genesys Cloud apart from competitors, which required the use of third-party solutions to deliver this functionality."

Henry Svendblad


Company Nurse

Put employee engagement first

A little empathy goes a long way. That's why we’ve built it into our software. It's designed to give your employees everything they need to support customers. This gives you a direct path to improve customer experience and achieve your goals.

With a simple, intuitive solution employees can solve contact center challenges. Putting engagement first has other benefits, too. It solves efficiency issues around headcount and lowers employee churn.

Built on the Genesys Cloud™ platform, Workforce Engagement Management extends Genesys workforce engagement technology. The result is faster innovation and the use of leading Genesys AI applications. Plus, improved work environments make employees happier.

Moving to the cloud

True cloud with no compromises

Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement Management wasn’t built on top of on-premises or other cloud architecture. It exists in a modern cloud environment. This allows for constant updates to the latest innovations. And updates occur without risk to availability or ability to scale.


All-in-one for all employees

Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement Management gives you everything in one environment. Bring cross-functional teams together in a single employee experience platform. A single interface eliminates fractured agent information and technology or information silos.

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Use AI to track patterns

See which employee performance and engagement patterns lead to more success. Train on those skills. And then extend them into hiring, routing and scheduling.

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Empower employees with collaboration tools

Help your employees engage more with their work. Collaboration, AI-powered automation and self-care tools drive great employee experiences. The result is a better work-life balance and true job satisfaction.


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Employee experience management can be simple

WEM is about more than improving productivity. It’s about building a better business.

Base decisions on hard data and employee feedback. Create a company culture that attracts and retains the best agents. WEM proves that putting call center employees first shows results. Schedule a demo to see how Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement Management tools can help your business.

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