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Omdia research report

Omdia Universe: Customer Engagement Platforms, 2022-23 report

Learn why Genesys should be on your shortlist for end-to-end customer engagement technology

The evolution of customer engagement has reached a new milestone – the era of convergence. 

Customer expectations have shifted and engagement solutions have evolved to keep pace. But disconnected platforms for marketing, sales and support can’t provide the seamless end-to-end engagement customers demand. And siloed data limits an organization’s ability to understand its customers and orchestrate frictionless omnichannel journeys.

Leading solutions providers are expanding their offerings to deliver comprehensive customer engagement platforms that integrate customer data, journey analytics, orchestration and marketing optimization.

The Omdia Universe Customer Engagement Platforms, 2022–23 report evaluates vendors on their capabilities, ability to scale and integrate, and overall performance — to help you make the right choice.

Get the full report to learn why Genesys is positioned as a leader in customer engagement platform with solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. You’ll get:

  • An independent analysis of customer engagement technology providers
  • Key customer engagement trends
  • Insights on what to look for in a customer engagement solution