Humans and AI in unison: Driving the new era of customer experience

As technology continues to advance everyday experiences, businesses must focus on a combination of human and AI support to meet customer preferences while optimizing their workforce and operations.

Consumers everywhere are inundated with news and speculation about how artificial intelligence (AI) could change the world. While most consumers aren’t sure what AI is capable of today, recent technology advancements and more widely known examples of AI have made what was once science fiction become reality.

The “Humans and AI in unison: Driving the new era of customer experience” report from Genesys sets out to understand consumer sentiment on the future of AI and its role in the customer experience (CX). The research shows consumers are excited by the potential of AI to improve how organizations engage with them. Organizations today must find the right combination of AI-powered support — from assisting agents in the background to a fully automated interaction — to meet customer preferences and optimize their workforce and operations.

The report will help guide businesses forward as they develop AI strategies and further implement intelligent technology to meet ever-evolving consumer expectations.

Download to learn:

  • Three focus areas for organizations in AI implementation
  • How consumers feel about AI and bots in customer experience
  • Which generations are embracing AI
  • When and where customers want to interact with a bot instead of a human