Genesys Predictive Routing

The challenge

Modern contact centers have outgrown traditional, manually built skill- and queue-based routing methods for matching customers to agents. Manual rules can drive basic routing, but as contact centers grow, complexity increases as customers and agents generate large amounts of data. The sheer amount of data generated makes it impossible to handle with manually built, static “if-then” rules.

The solution

Genesys Predictive Routing works in real time, using artificial intelligence (AI) to match customers to agents most likely to deliver the best customer experiences. It does this while optimizing for important KPIs, such as average handle time, transfer rate, sales conversion, customer retention and more. Genesys Predictive Routing provides full AI automation that analyzes hundreds of data points to detect patterns — and predicts outcomes to find the best agent for every customer. Results are then used to continuously retrain predictive routing models to reduce the configuration work needed for managing complex queues.


  • Personalize and improve customer experiences to build lifetime value.
  • Simplify operations with turnkey AI.
  • Optimize resources and grow revenue.