Now Available: CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce

For many consumers worldwide, encountering a dead-end menu or having to repeat themselves to multiple agents creates more than just a frustrating experience. Interactions like these are enough to make them scream — or so angry they vow never to use a company again, according to “The State of Customer Experience” report by Genesys.

Whenever a customer wastes time maneuvering a fragmented journey or encounters a technical issue, it results in an increasingly negative view of the brand and, eventually, abandonment of the business for a competitor altogether. One in 10 will switch brands after a single negative interaction, the Genesys report found.

And while many companies are prioritizing customer experience (CX) innovation, digital channels remain fractured and inconsistent. Only 13% of organizations have the connected technology and data needed to create end-to-end customer journeys, according to the Genesys report.

It’s time to push beyond traditional customer relationship management (CRM) and contact center integration. Fortunately, the next generation of CX is here.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce is now available via the Genesys AppFoundry® Marketplace and the Salesforce AppExchange.

Consolidate and strengthen your tech stack with the best of the Genesys and Salesforce platforms. This entirely cloud-based contact center solution natively combines a unified, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered agent workspace in Salesforce Service Cloud with enterprise contact center software and workforce engagement management capabilities from the Genesys Cloud™ platform.

With this solution from Salesforce and Genesys, you can:

  • Increase agent efficiency, satisfaction, and eliminate application switching
  • Improve CX personalization and customer satisfaction
  • Build a supportive culture that helps retain employees
  • Consolidate systems and lower costs
  • Reduce the development burden on your IT and analyst teams
  • Strengthen and expand your global footprint

Empower Your Agents. Delight Your Customers.

Employee experience is emerging as the primary CX priority for business leaders. Your employees are the voice of your brand. When they’re engaged, happy and satisfied with their jobs — and equipped with the information they need to serve customers — they can deliver positive experiences that build customer loyalty. And they’re less likely to leave.

Average annual staff turnover in the contact center is 32%, which is increasingly unsustainable, according to “The State of Customer Experience.” And 42% of CX executives surveyed by MIT Technology Review say recruiting for contact center roles is “extremely challenging.” Finding better ways to support employees is imperative to reducing agent turnover and improving overall engagement.

With CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce, agents and supervisors benefit from workforce engagement management (WEM) capabilities from Genesys embedded directly into the employee activity dashboards in Service Cloud. With an all-in-one interactive view, you can more easily manage and empower your workforce using advanced scheduling, performance metrics, coaching, training, gamification and more.

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Modern WEM capabilities allow you to analyze and celebrate employee performance and identify the specific skills, knowledge and behaviors of top performers. Then you can transfer those skills to your entire workforce so every agent can be your best agent — and every customer can be a more enthusiastic customer.

By 2026, customer service functions that implement a connected rep approach and bridge technology and talent will improve contact center efficiency by 30%. Therefore, with CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce, our goal was to enhance staff efficiency with a single, smart workplace in Service Cloud.

Screen shot 2023 11 02 at 11.47.59 am

Your agents are empowered with all the AI-powered assistance they need to meet their performance KPIs and provide a great customer experience. Real-time transcription details are automatically sent to Service Cloud Einstein to determine intent, inform the next-best action and surface knowledge articles.

Lead Your Industry with Consistent, Personalized Experiences at Scale

Now, you can lead your industry with positive customer experiences that set you apart as you innovate alongside the global leader in Contact Center as a Service and the #1 AI CRM.

CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce enables you to design deeply connected, end-to-end experiences that fuse data, AI and channels from both platforms with a single orchestration engine in Genesys Cloud. You can power smarter, more contextualized self-service and customer engagements with a unified data fabric that enables you to automatically aggregate real-time data. And you can eliminate data blind spots; enrich and connect Genesys and Salesforce AI; and improve personalization.

While this solution and our new strategic collaboration agreement signify a significant investment and milestone in our partnership, Genesys and Salesforce have been successfully working together to implement and support thousands of common customers for over a decade.

Watch this demo to learn more about CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce.