Genesys Cloud architecture and open platform

Reduce IT complexity and lower costs

Navigating the fast-paced digital landscape with a complex tech stack poses significant challenges to your customer and employee experiences. Legacy on-premises call center software and cloud customer experience (CX) platforms that are cobbled together hinder growth and efficiency. And they make it difficult to stay relevant in today’s competitive experience economy.

IT teams grapple with disjointed systems, point solutions and data silos that barely work together even after months of time and budget-consuming development. You end up burdened with just keeping the lights on — leaving no room for agility or innovation. It’s time to modernize your tech stack, enable faster innovation and guarantee secure, always-on operations with the Genesys Cloud™ platform.

A single platform with endless possibilities

The Genesys Cloud platform provides a unified, modern cloud architecture with a single set of pre-integrated microservices for customer experience and workforce engagement management (WEM) on a single codebase. Extensive integrations, open APIs, rich developer tools and native artificial intelligence (AI) enable personalized experiences for every customer on any channel. A single platform with no-code orchestration eases administration and maintenance, minimizes your tech footprint, and empowers both technical and non-technical users to co-create differentiated experiences in real time.


  • Consolidate systems and lower costs
  • Stay ahead of evolving markets and your competition
  • Innovate at speed and scale
  • Ensure secure, always-on operations
  • Strengthen and expand your global footprint