Generative AI 101

Expectations are high for generative AI — and for good reason. As an evolution of artificial intelligence (AI), it enables businesses to precisely automate customer conversations. They can extract more insight from them, too. This quick read explains how to get big benefits from generative AI with little risk. And you’ll learn how this powerful technology fits with other emerging AI capabilities.

Free agents from manual work using auto-summarization

Generative AI technology is moving fast; and Genesys has been using it for years. Now it extends our AI-enabled content generation with auto-summarization in Genesys Agent Assist.

Auto-summarization not only frees agents from unnecessary manual work, it also standardizes conversation reporting. You get more consistency in capturing post-interaction data that you can mine for valuable customer insights. And with Genesys strict standards for data, you have the confidence knowing your customers’ data is secure.

After reading, you'll:

  • See how generative AI fits with other AI capabilities
  • Understand the benefits of Genesys Agent Assist
  • Learn about the guardrails Genesys uses to protect data