Beyond basic integration: Unify your CRM system and contact center

It’s time for a unified solution in which your CRM system and CX platform are designed and built to work together from the start. Simplify your tech stack, synchronize your data and reach a new level of customer experience (CX) personalization.

Connected customer experiences start with connected systems and data within your organization. The deeper the connections, the more power you have to orchestrate personalized end-to-end customer journeys.

But typical system integrations don’t unify your CRM system and contact center in ways that make seamless orchestrated experiences possible. Some data may remain siloed. And without a central routing engine, you can’t effectively leverage the capabilities of both systems and ensure a consistent experience for your customers.

As customer expectations increase and CX strategy grows more complex, the burden of keeping your systems integrated gets heavier. That drains your IT resources.

It’s time to move beyond basic integrations and unify your CRM system and contact center. A unified solution can provide a major upgrade to your CX capabilities with a simplified tech stack, streamlined workspace and the ability to combine data, AI capabilities and channels from both systems.

Download the checklist to learn how to realize the value of a unified solution.

Learn how to:

  • Orchestrate more personalized CX
  • Give agents a unified workspace
  • Blend elements from both systems
  • Integrate workforce engagement and performance insights