Create better AI-driven conversations with a human touch

Genesys Bot Flows

Dialog Engine Bot Flows (for voicebots) and Digital Bot flows (for digital bots) enable customers to create bots directly in the Genesys Cloud™ platform. Genesys Bot Flows combine conversational AI with accelerators, data access and experience design elements into a visual conversational builder within Architect. Accelerators include integrated knowledge that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate information and Intent Miner, which enables customers to automatically build intent models using omnichannel conversational data. Accelerators minimize reliance on expert conversational AI designers.

With Genesys Bot Flows, you have immediate access to interaction data, including predictions and segments, as well as CRM data, to personalize conversations. Integrated testing and deployment make it easy for administrators to make real-time changes, while multilingual capabilities enable a more global reach.

Actionable reports are available out of the box, enabling administrators to make data-driven optimization decisions and correct issues in real time. Genesys bots are woven into the journey, providing a seamless transition to an agent with the full history of the interaction preserved. Genesys bots are flexible, with usage spanning automated information requests, transactional support or full-service automation.

Solution overview

With Genesys, multilingual voicebots and digital bots are easy to build, measure and optimize. Genesys Bot Flows, a drag-and-drop, no-code conversational designer is integrated into Architect. Conversational AI provides the ability to understand and respond; Knowledge and Intent Miner accelerates bot design; access to predictive and CRM data enables personalization; and out-of-the box analytics support data-driven, real-time optimization decisions. Business users can add personalized, conversational bots to interaction flows, increasing self-service without creating service dead-ends.


  • Minimize usage and adoption barriers.
  • Create better digital bots and voicebots faster with little to no code.
  • Accelerate time to value with integrated knowledge and Intent Miner.
  • Analyze and optimize with integrated conversational AI analytics.
  • Personalize with predictions, characteristics and language.