PureConnect and PureConnect Cloud

Create quality customer experiences and promote loyalty while increasing revenue

PureConnect and PureConnect Cloud

Give Customers a Consistent Experience Across All Channels

Customer service channel preferences are shifting rapidly. While demand for phone service remains strong, consumers also expect to conduct business via web chat, email, SMS, mobile devices, social media and video chat. While these new channels give your business unprecedented opportunities to create quality customer experiences that promote loyalty and increase revenues, this promise only becomes a reality when channels are effectively blended so that customers enjoy consistent and contextual experiences across all contact methods.

Effective omnichannel service requires you to view the multichannel experience through the eyes of your customer. This means anticipating that customers often start in one channel and move to another as they progress to a resolution. In short, it means multichannel done right.

Widespread adoption of mobile devices and social media heighten the need for an omnichannel approach. Consumers expect to resolve service issues in their spare time using a mobile device, and they expect to seamlessly connect between a mobile service and the contact center. And they can immediately broadcast the results of these interactions—positive or negative—over social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to influence perceptions of your brand.

Present a unified approach for a superior brand experience

A consistent brand experience entails much more than adding channels in silos. It requires tying phone and digital channels together so a consistent, granular and coherent view exists for not only real-time interactions but also for critical recording and compliance. Data must flow among channels to inform and improve interactions so that the agent has visibility into the customer profile as well as prior interactions across all channels—phone, digital, self-service and assisted service.

By seamlessly blending internet and phone-based service requests into a universal contact routing engine, all customer contacts are managed according to consistent business rules. This optimizes cost and quality. And when information from CRM databases and back-end systems is incorporated into routing decisions and displayed to the agent, customers receive personalized, effective service. Supervisors gain access to unified, real-time and historical reporting tools to track trends and improve performance across all contact methods. Agent quality is also assured through built-in multichannel recording, agent forecasting and scheduling tools.

Put simply: An effective omnichannel solution enables you to engage customers in longterm, profitable relationships—all while containing costs and ensuring consistent quality improvement.

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Strategic Benefits

Improve the customer experience

Meet customer expectations and respond to evolving preferences by providing service via the channel they find most convenient.

Reduce customer churn

Decrease customer frustration by providing service options on preferred channels and eliminating the need to repeat information when shifting to a new channel.

Promote customer loyalty

Increase engagement by ensuring customers receive personalized service across all channels.

Create brand advocates

Exceed customer expectations by offering channels such as social media and video that promote increase engagement and satisfaction rates.


Businesses choose the capabilities they need today and can easily add to them in the future.

Universal Queue

  • Provide a consistent customer experience through a single routing engine for all interaction types.
  • Enable agents to handle all interaction types with a universal desktop.
  • Equip supervisors to dynamically move agents among channels.
  • Define service levels for each channel.

Intelligent Routing

  • Route voice and digital interaction types by dozens of scenarios, including agent skills, caller priority, customer value, data directed routing, context and conditions.


  • Route email messages to the agent or group most qualified and available to respond to the query
  • Apply business rules to quickly route priority email to the right agent.
  • Intelligently handle replies with an ACD queue—volumes tracked in PureConnect in real time and via historical reporting tools.

Web Chat

  • Provide live online help via desktop or smartphone.
  • Enable customers to connect with live agents for real-time assistance.
  • Agents can proactively reach out to customers while managing multiple chats at once.


  • Provide convenient, cost-effective service through inbound and outbound SMS routing.
  • Route text messages and other interactions according to business rules.
  • Treat SMS as a separate, outbound touch point.
  • Enable agents to chat with customers via SMS, or send one-way personalized interactions.


  • Add communications and business process events into existing mobile apps.
  • Offer self-service to customers with smartphones or tablets.
  • Connect the mobile customer directly to the contact center for service—callback requests, email, chat and launching business processes.
  • Provide contextual information to the agent.

Social Media Customer Service

  • Integrate with third-party social media monitoring tools.
  • Use the same routing engine for social media objects as you would for any other interaction.
  • Queue and route social media activity to the next available agent based on keywords, skills and sentiment rating.

Video Chat

  • Allow callers and agents to see, be seen and collaborate.
  • Quickly establish personal relationships with callers.
  • Gain rich interaction and engagement.

Packaged CRM Integrations

  • Enjoy enhanced interface to major CRM solutions.
  • Manage presence and service multiple interactions simultaneously.
  • Use screen-pop to display customer records automatically.

Voice Self-Service

  • Automate simple tasks with IVR.
  • Deploy speech according to your needs with native (Interrupt Service Routine) or third-party speech recognition.

Multichannel Workforce Optimization

  • Get a full view of the customer experience across all contact channels, including what happens in the IVR.
  • Forecast workforce demand and scheduling needs across channels.
  • Evaluate performance across all contact channels with quality monitoring.
  • Use real-time speech analytics to improve the customer experience.
  • Capture customer opinions with post call surveys.

Operational Benefits

Increase revenue generation

Offer web chat and video chat sessions to improve shopping cart check-out rates. Ensure high-priority sales calls are routed to the most skilled agent with relevant cross-channel data attached.

Improve agent productivity

Deploy agents to respond to email and interact via web chat during periods of low call volume—increasing agent utilization.

Track service levels by channel

Get real-time, historical reporting across both voice and digital channels to measure and improve performance and ensure consistent service—regardless of customer contact method.

Reduce service costs

Automate routine interactions through email, SMS alerts and self-service, while reserving high-cost channels for more complex matters.

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