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Genesys Cloud CX

The Genesys Cloud CX™ platform is built on modern cloud technologies to provide rapid innovation, agility and resilience. With its powerful REST Platform API and SDKs available for the most popular programming languages, Genesys Cloud CX empowers developers to extend contact center functionality.

You’re likely running Genesys Cloud CX if you log in with a URL that looks like: “login.mypurecloud.” or “”; or if you refer to your system as Genesys Cloud CX, Genesys Cloud or PureCloud.

Genesys Multicloud CX

The Genesys Multicloud CX™ solution provides ultimate flexibility in deployment, including full cloud, hybrid cloud or private cloud. A container-based architecture allows leading global brands to run components where needed. A growing REST API gives you access to create the customized integrations.

You’re likely running Genesys Muticloud CX if you log in with a URL that looks like: “”; if you refer to your system as Genesys Multicloud CX or Genesys Engage Cloud; or if your host solution is on Azure.

Genesys Engage on-premises

Genesys Engage™ on-premises is the Swiss Army knife of contact center platforms. With components deployed in your data center and the powerful Platform SDK available in .NET or Java, Genesys Engage on-premises puts you in total control of the customer experience.

You’re likely running Genesys Engage on-premises if you’re running Genesys Engage v8.5 or v9.0; or if you’re operating on servers in your own data center.

Genesys PureConnect

The Genesys PureConnect® application provides a rich set of capabilities and reliability for contact centers looking for an all-in-one on-premises solution running on a Windows technology stack. Whether you use the .NET-based IceLib or the REST-based ICWS API, you can build what’s required to tailor your contact center solution.

You’re likely running Genesys PureConnect if you use the terms CIC, CaaS, IceLib, ICWS or Interaction Connect.

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