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Deliver on the promise of digital government

You work tirelessly to serve your customers. Choose technology that makes engagement easy for your employees. With the Genesys Cloud™ platform, you can gain new control over all aspects of the customer experience (CX).

Ensure residents, military service members, businesses and other constituents can get the support they need over their preferred channels. From inbound interactions to proactive outreach, Genesys solutions improve efficiency and effectiveness.


Government customer service technology for the digital age

Modernize customer experiences

Today, customer-centric experiences are possible — and expected. Personalize every interaction, no matter the department, agency or channel. And do it all with confidence that your data is secure and compliant.

Focus and deliver on your mission

Your workforce shouldn’t labor over repetitive tasks. Use automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce workloads and prioritize interactions. Free employees to focus on engagements that are key to your mission.

Scale services at a moment’s notice

It’s difficult to respond quickly with point solutions and organizational silos. Unify all your tools in an integrated solution. Deliver the best possible customer experiences — even when demand spikes.

Engage customers with modern government services

People want real-time support from federal, state and local government agencies. Deliver personalized experiences with a leading government contact center solution. Lower costs, strengthen public trust and increase efficiency with Genesys Cloud.

Exceed customer expectations

Peoples’ needs have spiked in volume and urgency. Support individuals as they navigate benefits disbursement, employment compensation, health and human services, income assistance and more.

Orchestrate inbound and outbound communications across all touchpoints and channels. The all-in-one suite of voice and digital capabilities lets your customer service representatives and customers engage in seamless conversations across phone, chat, email, text and social media channels.

Protect your agency and citizens with stringent security standards

Your vendor choice makes all the difference in your ability to work securely. Genesys Cloud is compliant with government security standards worldwide — including FedRAMP® (US), Cyber Essentials (UK), IRAP (AUS) and AGID (Italy).

Genesys is aligned with industry best practices; relevant and appropriate international standards; and national legislation, where applicable. With Genesys, you can rest assured your agency, customers and employees will be protected.

Make it easier to access information with self-service options

You don’t need to increase headcount to meet public demand. Reduce the need for live agent support with self-serve channels. Clear FAQs and knowledge base articles help people find information no matter the hour — without talking with a rep. You can also leverage AI and bots to handle simpler interactions that don’t require an employee.

With Genesys Cloud, your agency can focus on what matters: building greater trust and delivering the best customer and employee experiences.

Provide support in moments of crisis

Give people access to government services when it matters most. During emergency management or disaster response, your agency needs technology that can scale to meet increased demand.

In the event of extreme weather, natural or man-made disasters, or public health crises, individuals need responsive services. Give them access to information without long queues. AI-powered capabilities keep time-to-resolution short, ensuring assisted service is always available for those who need it.

Deliver trusted and secure government services with FedRAMP Authorized customer experience solutions

Provide more services with less hassle — all from one platform

Create better customer and employee experiences with an all-in-one cloud platform. Make your public sector services omnichannel, automated and secure.

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See modern government contact center software in action

It’s time to create better employee and customer experiences. Build trust, delight customers, inspire employees and improve mission outcomes with Genesys Cloud. Experience the freedom and flexibility of cloud-based government contact center software. Request a demo today to see how Genesys improves experiences.

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