The Genesys Cloud AI progressive adoption model

Reduce risk. Accelerate value. Enable innovation.

Accelerate value with a smarter AI adoption model

For many businesses, artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly evolved from a wish-list item to implement someday to a must-have technology today. And as competitors rush to incorporate AI into their customer experience (CX) tech stacks, the pressure mounts to keep up. That leaves a lot of CX leaders wondering where to start and how to move forward.

The benefits of AI aren’t automatic. Realizing returns and minimizing risk requires a thoughtful strategy. With deep expertise in both CX and AI, Genesys takes a framework-based approach that balances short-term value realization with long-term strategy. The result is a clear, step-by-step roadmap for adopting AI capabilities that deliver quick returns while laying the groundwork for even greater value later.

This short overview introduces the Genesys Cloud AI adoption model and offers strategic guidance on choosing an AI solution that works for you.

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  • Where to start with AI in your contact center
  • How to structure a progressive adoption of AI capabilities
  • Critical factors for choosing the right AI solution
  • Key questions to consider as you engage with vendors