Customer interview


Learn how Electrolux transformed its customer experience strategy with Genesys

Electrolux to transform its contact centers into care centers. This change reflected a shift in the company’s business model with the ultimate goal of getting closer to the end consumer. The company knew this move would require a new IT infrastructure and a new customer experience strategy.

Electrolux started on its omnichannel journey by replacing multiple legacy on-premises solutions with the Genesys Cloud™ platform. Now the company leverages Genesys Predictive Engagement, Google Cloud and an SAP integration.

This bold transformation led to improvements in first-contact rate, Net Promoter Scores and employee satisfaction.

Customer story highlights

  • 56-second reduction in average handle time
  • Over 75% intent recognition using bots
  • 45-second reduction in wait time and significantly reduced customer effort
  • Accelerated rollout of online stores