Cloud architecture and open CX platform

Modernize your tech stack and enable faster innovation — while guaranteeing secure, always-on operations

Reduce IT complexity and lower costs

Navigating the fast-paced digital landscape with a complex tech stack poses significant challenges to your customer and employee experiences. Legacy on-premises call center software and cobbled-together cloud customer experience (CX) platforms hinder growth and efficiency. Instead, ease administration and maintenance, minimize your tech footprint, and empower your teams to stay ahead of evolving markets and the competition with the Genesys Cloud® platform.

Get a unified modern cloud architecture

Consolidate systems and reduce technical debt while co-creating connected experiences. With a foundation built on a single platform, Genesys Cloud delivers maximum uptime, backed by an aggressive SLA with an up to 100% credit guarantee.

Innovate at speed and scale

Compose differentiation in and beyond the contact center, tailored to your unique use cases. With weekly feature releases, turnkey marketplace apps and thousands of APIs, you can respond quickly to shifting customer expectations and business needs.

Achieve a global reach and local presence

Ensure secure, always-on operations to build brand trust wherever you operate. Services are available in over 105 countries through a network of globally distributed core and satellite regions, strategically located around the world, with centralized administration and control.

Choose a single platform with endless possibilities

Genesys Cloud provides a unified, modern cloud architecture with a single set of pre-integrated microservices for customer experience and workforce engagement management (WEM) on a single codebase. Extensive integrations, open APIs, rich developer tools and native artificial intelligence (AI) enable personalized experiences for every customer on any channel.

Orchestrate every step of every experience

In a single location, orchestrate data, systems and capabilities such as bots and channels alongside your agents — no coding required. Working together in the same intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, your IT and business partners can co-create simple to complex experiences delivered at the optimal time through a customer’s preferred channels.

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Eliminate silos across your CX technology ecosystem

It takes free-flowing architecture that passes data, intent and intelligence across the organization to execute great customer experiences. Genesys Cloud makes it easy to integrate and exchange data with other systems by providing a rich set of open APIs, simple integration methods and an expansive ecosystem of pre-built solutions and applications.

Administer from one location

Empower your global workforce with access to the roles and permissions they need to deliver personalized experiences on every channel, anywhere, anytime — while ensuring security and resiliency. With Genesys Cloud, your workforce, along with their responsibilities, can easily scale and adapt as needed to the latest hiring surge or change in operations.

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Future-proof your contact center with an open platform

As a single AI-powered platform designed to evolve, Genesys Cloud is inherently more agile, secure and globally available than other solutions. It also delivers a better user experience and provides a lower total cost of ownership.

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The Genesys Cloud platform is revolutionizing the contact center industry, setting the standard as the premier customer experience platform. By seamlessly integrating voice and digital channels, it offers a robust solution for real-time customer interactions, enhancing both customer support and agent efficiency. With advanced data collection capabilities, your business can glean invaluable insights from every interaction, leading to improved outcomes. Request a demo today and see what Genesys Cloud can do for you.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of an open platform and cloud architecture for contact center solutions?

A cloud-native platform built with open APIs and microservices offers contact centers unparalleled scalability, flexibility and reduced IT complexity. This architecture ensures efficient cost management, high availability and rapid innovation. Ultimately, it enhances customer experience by providing seamless, adaptive and future-proofed solutions.

What is Genesys Cloud?

Genesys Cloud is the world’s leading experience orchestration platform, providing extensive tools and services to integrate customer experience, workforce engagement management and relevant business operations. It offers a comprehensive set of pre-integrated microservices, native AI capabilities and third-party integrations to ensure customer experience management across multiple engagement channels.

How does Genesys Cloud reduce IT complexity?

Genesys Cloud modernizes your tech stack, consolidating systems and reducing technical debt. It offers a single platform that eliminates data silos and integrates easily with other systems, making administration and maintenance easier. This allows businesses to respond quickly to shifting customer expectations and reduces the overall cost of operations.

Can Genesys Cloud be used globally?

Yes. Genesys Cloud ensures secure, always-on operations globally. Its services are available in over 105 countries, supported by a network of distributed core and satellite regions around the world. This global reach ensures consistent brand experiences and trust no matter where you operate.

How does Genesys Cloud aid in orchestrating customer experiences?

Genesys Cloud provides a centralized way to orchestrate data, systems, bots, channels and agents without needing any coding. Through its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, IT and business partners can co-create experiences from simple to complex, ensuring that customers receive optimal service through their preferred channels.

What integration capabilities does Genesys Cloud offer?

The platform boasts a rich set of open APIs, simple integration methods and an expansive ecosystem of pre-built solutions and applications. This ensures seamless data exchange between Genesys Cloud and other systems, helping businesses deliver cohesive customer experiences.

How does AI enhance the functionality of Genesys Cloud?

Genesys Cloud integrates native AI capabilities to offer personalized experiences for customer journeys across any channel. And the platform provides AI-ready data from various interactions to inform orchestration and automation across the entire ecosystem. It’s the engine behind the platform’s leading CX and WEM solutions.