Genesys Customer Opt-In

Grow and maintain your opt-in database

Genesys Customer Opt-In


For consumers:

  • Control
  • Convenience
  • Communicate via preferred channels
  • Personalized communications

For businesses:

  • Increase response rates
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Improve loyalty
  • Use lower-cost outbound channels
  • Enable cross-channel interactions
  • Meet compliance requirements


  • Grow opt-ins and minimize opt-outs via custom strategies
  • Send opt-in requests to customers over multiple channels
  • Continually capture and process opt-in and opt-out requests
  • Store and reference opt-in database to enable compliance
  • Provide automated opt-out mechanism
  • Process and remove deactivated phone numbers
  • Scrub against ‘Do Not Call’ lists
  • Analyze and monitor opt-ins, opt-outs, and conversion rates
  • Enable compliance with regulations and customer consent
  • Personalize communications to customers preferred channel

Compliance driving the need to obtain customer opt-in

A growing number of government regulations require organizations to obtain consumer consent before sending certain types of communications. The tightening regulatory environment introduces significant non-compliance risk, including time-consuming and costly litigation, hefty fines, negative publicity, and reduced customer loyalty.

Automated technology restrictions

Your organization faces a myriad of restrictions when using automated technology to initiate outbound communications. These include opt-in rules that vary based on the communication channel, nature of the message, and recipient location. For example, in the United States:

  • Landline Phones: Consent is required in order to call customers via outbound IVR with an automated telemarketing or sales call
  • Mobile Devices: Opt-in is required for all automated outreach using outbound IVR, predictive dialer, or text messaging for any purpose, including telemarketing, sales and collections
  • Email: Authorization is required before sending email whose primary purpose is to advertise or promote a commercial product or service

Mobile voice and text messaging are treated equally

Requirements such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) states that there is no difference between a voice call and a text message to a mobile device, so opt-in requirements and outreach restrictions apply equally to both channels. Best practice includes providing options that allow a customer to opt-in for both mobile voice and text messaging, but give them the choice to select only one or the other for specific types of communications.

Maximize the size of your opt-in database

Genesys has deep expertise at building and growing customer opt-in databases, working closely with clients to leverage their existing communication touchpoints as well as to create custom campaigns over multiple channels that drive customers to opt-in.

Simple turnkey solution

The Genesys Customer Opt-in Solution makes ongoing management of your compliant opt-in database significantly less complex than attempting to manage it in-house. In fact, Genesys simplifies the entire process of sending compliant outbound communications. In addition to building your opt-in database, this solution identifies mobile numbers in your contact list, applies different contact strategies based on channel, scrubs outbound campaigns against suppression lists, provides an automated opt-out process, and removes contacts from your opt-in database when appropriate.

Maximize opt-ins and minimize opt-outs

An effective communications strategy helps ensure that the messages you send are relevant, welcome, delivered to the right contacts using the right channels, and compliant with requirements. Genesys has the expertise to assist with developing and implementing communications programs that maximize your opt-ins and minimize your opt-outs, leading to more profitable, lifelong relationships with your customers.

Capturing opt-ins

The Genesys Customer Opt-in Solution continually captures opt-in requests, taking advantage of both inbound and outbound channels. Some proven successful tactics to encourage opt-ins include automated voice messaging campaigns to landlines, opt-in menu options in IVR, timely prompting in agent scripts, mention on webpages, and asking for opt-in at the conclusion of customer surveys.

Managing opt-outs

When a consumer opts-out of future messages you are required to respond quickly by no longer sending communications to the indicated phone numbers and email addresses. Similarly, when service to a landline or mobile phone number is cancelled, opt-ins from these contact points must be invalidated. Genesys continually captures optout requests, processes carrier deactivation lists, and subsequently removes appropriate contacts from the opt-in database.

Supports multiple sources

Genesys can collect, store and maintain customer opt-in data obtained from Genesys Proactive Customer Communications outbound campaigns, as well as those collected from your own customer database or another vendor’s communications platform.

Working with SMS codes

Genesys can provision and provide dedicated short codes for global text messaging campaigns. Opt-in best practices include promoting an inbound short code in customer communications. Responses to this short code can be seamlessly added to your opt-in database.

Leverages multiple channels

The Genesys Proactive Customer Communications solution enables you to use multiple channels for compliant outbound communications, including outbound IVR, predictive dialer, text messaging, email, and mobile webpages.

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