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Genesys Workspace

The omnichannel agent desktop

Genesys Workspace - the omnichannel agent desktop


  •  Blends voice, multimedia, and social media into an omnichannel conversation
  • Offers optional embedded VoIP softphone
  • Integrates with agent scripting, web callback, and customer interaction recording
  • Provides real-time omnichannel presence
  • Delivers contact profile, interaction history, and real-time statistics
  • Provides agent supervisory function
  • Enables multi-tenant and across the enterprise deployments
  • Supports premises-based and virtualized cloud-based operation

Deliver a superior conversation experience

Genesys Workspace transforms how agents manage customer conversations seamlessly across multiple channels. With this innovative desktop application, agents deliver a personalized, differentiated customer experience.

Create a new conversation—any channel, any time

Your customers expect a seamless experience across various communication channels. To deliver that experience, your agents must be able to manage customer conversations effectively and intuitively. Today, interactions can no longer be managed in silos by channel. Interactions need to be holistic conversations across multiple channels, including voice, email, SMS, web chat, video, work items, and social media. Exceptional customer experience can only be delivered by agents who have the right desktop environment and the ability to manage conversations across the channels where they start, evolve, and finish.

Yet, in many contact centers, agents are still poorly equipped with an array of cumbersome, unconnected customer service software. This results in extensive wait and hold times, long calls, and frustrated customers who may leave for a competitor that provides better service.

Contact center agents need to be empowered with relevant information and easy access to all applications and processes to deliver superb customer service. It is also crucial for agents to seamlessly integrate feedback on every interaction, including social media, into the information management system to ensure accurate and timely data for decision making.

Genesys Workspace

Genesys Workspace is a smart-client application that provides agents and knowledge workers with non-intrusive access to the information, processes, and applications they need to perform their jobs more efficiently and to ensure increased customer satisfaction.

The highly intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows contact center agents and knowledge workers to focus on conducting business, rather than managing the application. The omnichannel-enabled Workspace helps business leaders effectively handle multimedia interactions, including social media, from a single desktop.

Adding new media channel capabilities can be as simple as changing the user’s role. In addition, Workspace offers multiple deployment alternatives ranging from traditional client installation and centralized download and updates, to virtualization from the cloud. These options take the pain out of initial deployment and future updates. Workspace is delivered as a ready-to-use and out-of-the-box application with a framework to support further extension of both the user interface and applications.

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Key Features

  • Omnichannel conversation blending
    • Seamless blending of internaland external conversations using any media
    • Complete visibility of simultaneous conversations across multiple channels
  • Generic framework for interaction push and pull of any type of work item
  • Embedded VoIP softphone (optional)
  • Supports outbound engagement campaigns
  • Real-time agent and contact center statistics
  • Standard response library
  • User and group work bins
  • Spell check
  • Contact profile and interaction history
  • Agent supervisory features including silent monitoring, whisper coaching, and barge-in

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