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You Don’t Know How Good You Could Be

Leveraging the Power of AI and Machine Learning To Drive Your Business Outcomes

Traditional contact centers route interactions to large pools of agents to maximize efficiency. This approach does a great job to distribute work evenly, keeps everyone busy, and primarily focuses on service level. Skills based routing and agent based routing improved upon this, but in the end, you are still limited on the level of granularity of your business rules that can be humanly managed. You’re spreading the work around, but is it driving your business objectives? Are you missing out on opportunities to be better?

AI is the answer! It takes your customer and agent data, and connects each interaction with the BEST resource to drive your business outcomes. And because it’s built on our foundational AI and machine learning platform, it’s continuously improving. Join Guillaume Calot and Charlie Godfrey as they share insights and experience around how companies are using the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to harness the power of the data they possess, and the Genesys foundational components they own.

  • The challenges of the status quo
  • The new approach to driving business outcomes with AI and machine learning
  • Real world results

Meet the Speakers

Webibnar charlie godfrey

Charlie Godfrey
Global Solution Services Director

Webinar guillaume calot

Guillaume Calot
Director, Strategic Solutions


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