September 1, 2021 – Duration: 20:38

S2 Ep. 4 Engage customers through social channels

Social media connects people — with family, friends and even brands. It’s quickly becoming an important channel for contact centers, too. The broad visibility of social channels means your responses and interactions are public, so the stakes are high. In this episode, Katie Ritz, Senior Director of Product Management for the Genesys Cloud platform, talks about the unique challenges of social media engagement, the role of video in customer interactions and the power of cloud technology to enable seamless omnichannel experiences with less burden on the contact center.



Katie Ritz

Senior Director, Product Management

Katie has showed above­-and-beyond commitment in leading efforts to release the right product/platform enhancements, which helped bring our hybrid strategy to life. Her strong advocacy for empowering customers to embark on digital transformations has enabled more customers to migrate to our cloud technology: Genesys CloudTM. Her effort has turned strategic aspirations into true measurable sales success for the company.

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