February 5, 2020

S2 Ep. 9 Women in Tech: Walking the path unplanned

Even the best-laid plans can have unexpected outcomes. Learn how two exceptional leaders walked the unplanned path to find success. With a combined 40-plus years’ experience in the technology space, Barbara Gonzalez and Janelle Dieken share their philosophies on building high-performing teams and turning heartbreaks into triumphs. Hear how they’ve used their diverse roles and backgrounds to carve out leadership roles — and get tips from them on ways to empower your teams for success. 



Janelle Dieken

SVP, Solutions and Product Marketing

As the Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at Genesys, Janelle believes in the power of a great story and thrives in building diverse and high-performing teams.  With a background in IT, Sales, Consulting, Product Management and Marketing, Janelle has a knack for solving big business problems with knowledge and technology.  Most of all, she loves being a mom.


Barbara Gonzalez

VP, Global Strategic Business Consulting

Barbara leads a global team of highly talented and experienced professionals dedicated to work with customers analyzing and understanding their business objectives and expected outcomes, apply industry best practices and benchmarks to provide them with a set of recommendations and innovation roadmap for a strategic transformation and lead them in the path of realizing and executing those recommendations.