October 19, 2022 – Duration 00:26:34

S3 Ep. 6 Optimize CX tech adoption through training

Technology should never be a barrier to delivering great customer experiences (CX). With the right training, it won’t be. The real value of your CX tech depends on how well you use it. If agents aren’t using all the capabilities you’ve invested in, you’re missing a critical opportunity to optimize your operation. Boosting technology adoption sometimes can be an elusive goal. But focusing on one thing — agent training — can simplify the process and ensure success. Inna Ekhaus, Vice President of Genesys Beyond, explains how CX managers can leverage agents’ enthusiasm for learning new skills to get more from their tech investments.


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Inna Ekhaus

Inna Ekhaus

Vice President of Genesys Beyond

Inna Ekhaus is the VP of Genesys Beyond, the organization within Genesys responsible for training customers and partners worldwide on Genesys technology and customer experience. In addition, she leads portfolio design and commercial operations for the Customer Success and Services (CSS) division of Genesys.  She’s been with Genesys for five years and prides herself on being an energetic, innovative, and results-oriented leader who surrounds herself with phenomenal people and wholeheartedly believes in the power of the team.

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