December 4, 2019

S2 Ep. 5 AI Ethics – An inside look at the future of artificial intelligence

What do you think of when you hear AI? If you have visions of "smart" but rogue death squad robots or flying autonomous cars, you're close but not quite on the mark. We talk with Genesys AI experts Joe Ciuffo and Jean-Etienne Goubet to debunk the myths on AI, how it plays a role right now in our every day lives, and why it's critical to establish AI ethics that all companies abide by globally.



Joe Ciuffo

Joe Ciuffo is a Product Marketing Director for Genesys concentrating on voicebots, chatbots and predictive chatbots. Previously, he held roles in Product Support and Technical Sales at Genesys. Joe is always striving to explain concepts clearly, make information readily available and connect people to share their strengths. His current focus is on identifying high-return use cases for Artificial Intelligence and he takes pride in the excellent experiences that Genesys customers build.


Jean-Etienne Goubet

Jean-Etienne is Senior Associate, Product Management/Operations, Artificial Intelligence at Genesys, where he supports operations for the AI acceleration initiative after the first successful AI-powered products introductions to the market