November 2, 2022 – Duration 00:25:43

S3 Ep. 7 The power of technology to engage CX employees

Great CX employees want opportunities to learn new skills and advance their careers. And they want clear, consistent expectations. Delivering on those preferences can keep your employees engaged and motivated — and that increases your chances of retaining them. David Wasserman, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Workforce Engagement Management at Genesys, explains how technology can help. Using the science of empathy and human behavior, the right technology can help with timely feedback, positive reinforcement and guidance to keep employees engaged. The right nudge at the right moment motivates employees to take the best action, improve their performance and deliver on your brand’s promise.


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David Wasserman

David Wasserman

Senior Director of Product Marketing for Workforce Engagement Management

David joined Genesys in early 2022 as part of the Product Marketing organization, focused on Workforce Engagement and Employee Experience. His primary responsibilities are creating and delivering marketing programs on how the companies solutions enable organizations to transform their employee engagement strategies to attain market leadership.  

Prior to Genesys, he held leadership roles at NICE, an AI HR-technology startup as well as telecommunication industry leader Verizon. His responsibilities included Product Marketing, Product Management and Sales. He is passionate about the role Marketing plays in articulating a firm’s value proposition in meeting customer and market needs.  

David holds an undergraduate degree in Business and an MBA in Marketing.  

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