June 5, 2019

S1 Ep. 3 Building your leadership armor

What separates someone as a leader over being just a manager — and how do you build a team that’s as strong as a suit of armor? What can a team gain by being empowered to make decisions and mistakes. Tune in for the first part of a two part conversation to hear philosophies from Dan Rood and Chris Howe, as they explore the different roads that take you to leadership. From building the right team to building leaders among teams, discover the moments that help them continue to shape, learn and grow as leaders.



Dan Rood

Dan Rood is the Vice President of Product Marketing at Genesys and has over 15 years of experience in corporate services and technology fields. Dan has a proven record of success in delivering outstanding sales results and is highly skilled in effectively coaching, mentoring, and evaluating new ways of selling services.


Chris Howe

With a career spanning 15 years as an IT executive, Chris is known for his “get-stuff-done” leadership style that inspires and builds highly effective and collaborative teams. He has been responsible for over $45M of professional service revenue and has been instrumental in growing businesses in emerging markets/industries. Prior to his career in IT, Chris served in U.S. Military where he attributes to building his character and leadership skills. Chris is married with two sons and enjoys CrossFit, actively training in Jiu Jitsu, and has recently taken up trail running.