May 11, 2023 – Duration H:MM:SS0:23:40

How OVO Energy builds better bots — faster

The best customer service bots deliver on consumers’ preference for fast, first-interaction resolution. And when an interaction is too complex, seamless integration enables the bot to transfer a consumer and the context of their interaction to an agent. These boss bots are essential as consumer use of chatbots continues to rise, but their satisfaction with the experience declines. According to the benchmarking report “The State of Customer Experience,” 38% of consumers interacted with chatbots for a service interaction last year, up from one-third in 2021. But the percentage of consumers who were highly satisfied with their bot experience declined from 25% to 21% in that same timeframe. In this episode of Tech Talks in 20, Lucas Woodward, a software engineer at OVO Energy, joins us to explain how to use automation to build better bots, faster. He’ll also reveal how he automates and tests bot integration with other CX technologies.


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Lucas Woodward

Lucas Woodward

Software Engineer, OVO Energy

Lucas Woodward is a full stack developer with over 15 years’ experience who enjoys writing software for a living. Outside of work, he enjoys developing personal projects and attempting to draw.