July 31, 2019

S1 Ep. 7 Sails of success – Emotional intelligence to build the right experience

How do you react in a stressful situation? Do you go into panic mode or are you the calming influence? Great leaders are able to navigate each scenario and encouage the best from indiviuals positive communication and empathy. Tune in to hear from Tom Lacroix learn how emotional intelligence is not just about having “all the feels,” but an important trait and skill for both leadership and front-line employees. Full Sail has deployed those skills to build a thriving employee culture and help put the wind in the sails for success for their students.



Tom Lacroix

With over 30 years of leadership, coaching and training experience, Tom Lacroix began his career in leadership development and then moved into a sales and customer service management position. Currently, Tom is VP of Admissions at Full Sail University where he leads 3 separate business units and continually improves individual performance by improving customer interactions and developing leaders.