September 15, 2021

S2 Ep. 5 Deliver empathy at scale with conversational AI

Over the last three years, conversational AI has evolved from a futuristic vision into a practical reality for a growing number of contact centers. Increasingly, customer experience leaders identify artificial intelligence (AI) as a top tech priority. In this episode, hosts Michael Logan and Ginger Conlon are joined by Erica Deahl, Senior Manager of Solutions Consulting at Genesys, to discuss the key elements of a successful conversational AI implementation. Far more than a deflection strategy, AI can enhance the customer journey and drive revenue. And with the right approach, contact centers can integrate AI-driven bots seamlessly for a fluid, satisfying customer experience.



Erica Deahl

Sr Manager Solutions Consulting

Erica is passionate about helping organizations realize their vision and achieve business value through technology. Throughout the last decade, she has worked with clients of all sizes and industries worldwide to reimagine their customer experience strategies, using her expertise across digital customer service, conversational AI, and SaaS technologies. Her background in enterprise solutions consulting centers on understanding an organization’s needs and how their challenges impact business objectives, and then leveraging technical and domain expertise to design creative solutions that will create differentiated value.