December 17, 2020 – Duration: 31:06

S1 Ep. 9 Extend your customer experience with the Genesys Cloud platform

Businesses have the vision of providing a great customer experience. But siloed technologies and existing investments prevent them from making that vision a reality. Technology should be the foundation for growth. It should allow teams to serve their customers — not question what’s possible. In this episode, Becky Powell and Randy Carter discuss how a platform can be the root for great customer experiences. The Genesys Cloud platform isn’t just a set of features, neatly wrapped into a user interface. It's a foundation of APIs, integrations, developer tools and extensible services designed to knock down silos. And it can help you build a better customer experience.



Becky Powell

Principal Product Manager

Randy Carter

Marketing Content Director

Randy Carter is a product marketing director and a recovering user experience architect with deep experience in product development and enterprise planning, design thinking, and storytelling. He’s repeatedly delivered disruptive solutions in banking, medical technology, online education and business systems — making things easier to understand, more powerful, and simpler to support. He listens carefully, reads/writes/draws ceaselessly, and passionately explorers ideas that make people’s lives better.

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