October 5, 2022 – Duration 00:29:59

S3 Ep. 5 Using tech to retain, support and train agents

For many contact centers, high turnover among agents is business as usual. But customer experience (CX) work is changing fast. And this approach won’t be sustainable for much longer. Customer expectations are rising, and that's redefining frontline CX work. Agents need more robust problem-solving and analytics skills to handle complex interactions with empathy. The challenge of developing those skills grows as turnover increases. It’s time to rethink strategies for retaining, supporting and training agents. David Wasserman, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Genesys Workforce Engagement Management, breaks down the trends driving turnover today — and explains how new strategies and technology can reverse them.


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David Wasserman

David Wasserman

Senior Director, Product Marketing at Genesys

David joined Genesys in early 2022 as part of the Product Marketing organization, focused on Workforce Engagement and Employee Experience. His primary responsibilities are creating and delivering marketing programs on how the companies solutions enable organizations to transform their employee engagement strategies to attain market leadership. 

Prior to Genesys, he held leadership roles at NICE, an AI HR-technology startup, as well as telecommunication industry leader Verizon. His responsibilities included Product Marketing, Product Management and Sales. He is passionate about the role Marketing plays in articulating a firm’s value proposition in meeting customer and market needs. 

David holds an undergraduate degree in Business and an MBA in Marketing.