October 16, 2019

S2 Ep. 2 Run towards the roar

Pastor Davey Blackburn has faced more tragedy in his mid-20s than most people do in a lifetime. In November 2015, returning from his regular morning gym session, Davey found his pregnant wife had been shot during a home invasion. She passed away in the hospital 24 hours later. In this episode of “Take a Moment,” Davey shares how he used personal tragedy and the vehicle of technology to help thousands of others overcome their pain. Today, Davey leads Nothing Is Wasted Ministry, an online ministry with resources designed to provide healing and hope to those in need.



Davey Blackburn

In November 2015 Davey’s wife of 7 years, Amanda Grace, was tragically murdered in a home invasion. Davey was left to pastor their church as a single dad of their 15 month old son, Weston. 2 years later God began a redemption process in Davey’s story when he and Kristi got married. Davey and Kristi have devoted their lives to helping people through their valleys in life and teach them that when following Jesus, Nothing is Wasted. Davey and Kristi live in Indianapolis, IN with their two kids, Weston and Natalia. They founded Nothing is Wasted Ministries to help people find purpose in their pain.