April 3, 2019

S1 Ep. 1 Greatest Fears – Birds and Elevators

Call center agents help customers in unexpected ways. At Medxcel an average day could involve saving someone trapped in an elevator, handling birds in the ER and fixing a TV in a hospital room. Join Stacey Weber to explore the important role call center agents play in ensuring businesses run efficiently. Topics include: building the right culture to ensure your agents can thrive and grow, why leaders must demonstrate behaviors they want to see in employees and how empowerment makes a difference in changing the lives of patients.



Stacey Weber

Stacey Weber has more than 15 years’ experience in customer-facing roles with a service or sales focus. She is responsible for two teams ensuring streamlined service delivery dispatch and internal associate support. She holds a bachelor’s of degree in Public Affairs Administration from Indiana University and is currently an MBA candidate with Indiana Wesleyan University.