April 15, 2020

S2 Ep. 14 Architects of success: The Genesys Cloud story

Origin stories are always fascinating. Whether it’s how your favorite superhero was brought to life or how a prominent political figure rose to power, we’re captivated by the beginnings of things. In this episode of “Take a Moment,” you’ll hear a different kind of origin story that, believe it or not, is just as compelling: How the Genesys CloudTM platform was born. Join hosts Nathan Bennett and Mari Yamaguchi as they give you a peek into the early days of a tech start-up where a small team of tinkerer-innovators developed what later would become the leading global platform for seamless customer experiences impacting billions. Guests Robert Ritchy, SVP of the Genesys Cloud Platform, and Glenn Nerthercutt, Chief Architect and Genesys Fellow, were instrumental members of that first small team — and still are critical to the Genesys culture of innovation. Listen as they share their stories of success and failure, including when they knew they had to either build something completely new or build it in a completely new way.



Robert Ritchy

SVP, Genesys CloudTM

Robert Ritchy is Senior Vice President for Genesys CloudTM Platform. He has a software engineering background with a strong preference for the startup world. His last startup was acquired and he now leads R&D for the Genesys CloudTM product, which is currently one of the fastest-growing SaaS platforms ever. Before deciding on a software career, Robert worked in various other areas including (but not limited to):  bus driver (elementary and high school), concrete, bartender, bar manager (Murphy’s Irish Pub), DJ at a radio station (fired by his own dad), soil tester (new building construction), house painter, roofing, batting cage operator, owner of a hot dog and burger joint (which allegedly included illegal gambling) and various landscaping businesses.


Glenn Nethercutt

Chief Architect and Genesys Technical Fellow

Glenn Nethercutt is the Chief Architect of Genesys CloudTM and a Technical Fellow at Genesys, where he oversees cloud architecture strategy: scalability, microservices, cloud-native design, fault tolerance, disaster recovery, service consistency, new technology evaluation, and continuous delivery mechanisms. He has a background in telecommunications, complex event stream processing, application performance management, OS development, data visualization, and continuous delivery principles. Glenn lives in Raleigh, North Carolina where he is an avid hiker and runner.