September 21, 2022 – Duration 00:28:47

S3 Ep. 4 The key to an effective omnichannel strategy

Omnichannel CX is top of mind for many contact centers — for good reason. Being everywhere your customers want you to be creates a significant competitive advantage. But simply being present on the channels your customers prefer isn’t enough. An effective omnichannel strategy requires the right blend of channels, artificial intelligence (AI) and a human touch. Josh Goldlust, VP of Product for Digital and AI at Genesys, explains how to ensure your interactions are relevant, proactive and connected across channels. The key is putting the customer at the center and building your strategy around their viewpoint. 


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Josh Goldlust

Josh Goldlust

VP of Product for Digital Platform

Josh joined Genesys in Oct 2021 after spending five years in product management at Salesforce. Over his 20-plus years in product, Josh has led several product teams across software, services and telecom verticals. He enjoys time hiking; biking; and running with his wife, three kids and golden retriever.