October 28, 2020 – Duration: 24:20

S1 Ep. 8 Creating your best work environment with Gamification

Contact center managers want their employees to do the right thing. But balancing time for training, time off and which metrics constitute a job well done can be overwhelming. Gamification creates a fun work environment that also offers the flexibility to make their own decisions. And it encourages employee growth — without restrictive oversight. In this episode, Michael Logan, Senior Consultant at Genesys, takes us through the concept of gamification in a contact center. He discusses our instinct to compete, how to encourage self-improvement using the right metrics and ways to keep mental health front and center. He'll also talk about employee retention and developing a mentor/mentee training relationship.



Michael Logan

Senior Strategic Sales Consultant

As lifetime resident of the Indianapolis area, Michael is motivated to drive change by volunteering locally with community groups and supporting grass root campaigns that educate and inspire residents of all ages. Michael transfers that same energy to the role as Senior Strategic Sales Consultant to evangelize the Genesys products supporting the Sales team as a product expert and demonstration specialist. Prior to working at Genesys, Michael was a freelance Technical Content Producer for various television networks and corporate events.

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