February 10, 2022 – Duration: 36:05

S2 Ep. 8 AI and the Customer-Centric Enterprise

Companies in every industry are looking for a way to differentiate themselves. Using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the customer experience (CX) is already proven to be that differentiator for some organizations — and more than three-quarters of CX leaders surveyed for the Genesys “AI comes of age” report agree that AI will be a critical part of their CX operations in the coming years. Companies using AI across the organization to make predictions and provide real-time insights in multiple areas of CX are seeing the greatest impact. In this episode of Tech Talks in 20, Brett Weigl, Senior VP and General Manager for Genesys Digital and AI, joins hosts Michael Logan and Ginger Conlon to discuss using AI to build a more customer-centric enterprise, increase customer loyalty and stand out from a crowded field of competitors.



Brett Weigl

SVP and GM for Digital and AI Genesys

Brett Weigl is SVP and GM for Digital and AI Genesys, specialized in digital-first solutions for complete customer experience, and AI across both digital and the contact center. Previously, Brett led the Digital Engagement product management team at Salesforce Service Cloud and led Brett led product for social media engagement solutions at ExactTarget. Brett has a 20+ year background in hi-tech, since 2004 in SaaS companies.

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