October 30, 2020

S3 Ep. 5 Company Nurse: Hesitation equals devastation

A split-second decision (or indecision) at a key moment has a lasting impact. Often, it’s the critical point between having or avoiding an accident. When accidents do happen in the workplace, Company Nurse is there to offer nurse triaging; its online specialists are the first-line clinical staff who take care of clients in those urgent moments. In this episode of Take a Moment, we hear from Company Nurse CTO, Henry Svendblad on a pivotal decision the organization made in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of extending its “people-first” culture from employees to clients.



Henry Svendblad

Chief Technology Officer

Henry Svendblad is the Chief Technology Officer of Company Nurse.  Henry draws upon 25 plus years of experience leading technology teams across multiple verticals including healthcare, retail, marketing, and education.  He has held positions as a CTO, VP of Technology, and Group Director of Technology Solutions.  Henry’s focus always has been helping organizations align business strategy with technology investments to ensure growth, productivity, security, and competitiveness.